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Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: Wooden spoon for Ribble Ru...
Last post by d_Guy - Today at 12:00:35 AM
A sick toad spoon would be pretty nice.
The Bible College of Wales site is working fine (in case anyone is concerned).
British Civil War Project, two of wikis with extremely useful details of most of the regiments that fought in Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Nik's next batch of AWI, French units

The whole batch

Mixed Chasseurs

Top view


Fire and advance

Back view to show turn backs

Regiment Agenous

Did have a 'is the flag the right way up' panic here.


Inevitable top view

Nearly missed out their commander

Regiment Armagnac

Serried ranks

One stand off already, not deliberate...

Much higher command, with American escort

Sculpts are amazing

The whole lot, from the top.
The theme was 'Silk Road', my spell checker kept calling it 'sick toad'.
Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: Aliens USMC
Last post by Lord Speedy of Leighton - Yesterday at 09:33:06 PM
Four more crates.
Lee asked me to do another batch of Union "To finish this lot off" and to add an extra few stands to his Confederates.
Then he showed me the AWI order he's just put into Leon!  :o  I'm going to be busy for quite a while!!!

The whole batch

Union infantry stands

Suitably grim

Off they go to war

At the quick

Named infantry command stands

18th Mass., 18th Indiana, 42nd Indiana, 1st Batt, 11th US Infantry

Never take photos as 6 am! You will notice the flag edging improves throughout this set!

Great sculpts

Away they go

Off they pop

Generic command stands


Yes, one commander is facing the other way

Supply wagon for the Union

"Three wheels on my wagon..."


Confederates, featuring command stands for 49th Georgia, 34th Alabama, 37th Virginia

If you notice two flags on two standsm, that's because I did not know the Confederates only carried one flag per regiment. So I added the older national flags for a bit of colour.

Lee asked me to try to match his basing, I hope I got away with it!

These are also 5 to a base to match his, whereas his Union infantry is 4 to a base, and his cavalry dismounts three!

I love the flags, they really stand out!

This one really looks the part

Confedetrate supply wagon

Looks uncomfortable

You ever play 'Oregon Trail'? You die of dystentry..

Top view of the whole lot

I presume we are not talking about the Bible College Wales site?
Thanks for that intel (glad I happened to drop by, today :-bd ).

p.s. also glad to report this one is still operational ...
Fantastic News!
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