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Painting & Modelling / Re: Advice to beginner painter...
Last post by Orcs - Today at 09:11:17 PM
Quote from: John Cook on Today at 05:40:58 PMJust six?  The more I thought about it the more points that came to mind.  I'm also going to make the assumption that our newcomer has discovered the various magazines out there, and already visited their local club.

a.   Bear in mind from the outset that Wargaming is not a cheap hobby.

Really? I think it's a very cheap hobby, especially when you work out the cost per hour.
Painting Diaries / Re: Indian Mutiny / First Indi...
Last post by paulr - Today at 08:58:29 PM
Touch ups done last night :)

Next 2 battalions prepared :)

2 current battalions washed this morning :)
Painting & Modelling / Re: Advice to beginner painter...
Last post by paulr - Today at 08:50:16 PM
Washes will settle into creases and lines picking out details, giving depth and shadows
Washes will mute the underlying colours so use lighter and brighter colours if planning to use washes

Dry brushing
A heavy dry brush over a base coat can shift the colour and give a worn appearance
For example I used a gray dry brush over a dark blue base coat to give the look of 'Oxford mix', a dark blue-grey

A very light downward dry brush with a light dusty colour will help highlight edges
Painting & Modelling / Re: Advice to beginner painter...
Last post by kipt - Today at 08:45:44 PM
For the couple of times my spray cans have fogged the unit, I just wait until they dry and then respray. Clears it up at that point.  Worst is grabbing the wrong spray can and hitting the unit with primer instead.  Did that once - keep your cans separated!
15mm Irish and 10mm Austrians reassembled after their shower, base coated and inked.

QuoteThat equates to 60 man-heights - roughly 10 yards.
 ;D  William Takeda Francesca?
Missed a zero.
Painting Diaries / Re: A Tale of Four Gamers - th...
Last post by Steve J - Today at 06:39:19 PM
I decided to base up two artillery units instead of painting tonight. Happy with my progress so far.
Chat & News / Re: Favourite Curry
Last post by Ithoriel - Today at 06:38:36 PM
Cooking for one, the days of creating curries from basic ingredients are far behind me. Too much trouble to make just for me.

Like all the top chefs I have sous chefs to prepare my vegetables and sauces and merely blend these to create the final effect. They are Mr Tesco and Mr Sainsbury.

Stir fries, on the other hand, are slightly more hands on.
Painting & Modelling / Re: Advice to beginner painter...
Last post by John Cook - Today at 06:26:11 PM
About the same time as me then.  I can't remember how many times matt spray varnish has frosted, two or three I suppose.  Once is too many, bearing in mind the time and effort put into painting the figures in the first place, and I've never managed repair the damage entirely satisfactorily.  So it is a risk I don't take anymore and warn against its use.
Chat & News / Re: Favourite Curry
Last post by John Cook - Today at 06:15:33 PM
Quote from: FierceKitty on Today at 09:44:33 AMBuy Daramjit Singh's "Indian Cookery" (Penguin).
I'll second that, my copy is over 40 years old and falling to pieces.  Murghi Khasa is my favourite. I can prepare it from memory now.  I have several other books on Indian cuisine but I keep returning to it.
I don't think there is anything you can buy from a supermarket in a jar that is the same as the genuine article.     
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