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Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: Ronin in a small scale
Last post by Corso - 08 July 2024, 07:59:14 PM
Took delivery of some 3d print items scaled for 20mm

Blitzkrieg Commander IV / Re: BKC for WW1?
Last post by Big Insect - 08 July 2024, 06:36:23 PM
I'd look at the BKC Spanish Civil War supplement as some of the mechanism, such as the 'Line Commander' rule should work pretty well for WWI.
Of course it also all depends which front and when you are looking to apply the rules to?
Early War Western Front should be very much like BKC - little or no armour of course. Palestine and Middle East would probably work just as well.
Eastern Front was also, on the most part a much more fluid war - but a lot of artillery - so again core BKC (with the Line Commander rule) should work ok.

Western Front - trench warfare is another matter altogether - in theory BKC should work OK but you'd need a lot of artillery and defenses. You could also adapt the static Smoke dispenser rule from the Korean War (Forgotten War) supplement, and use it for both Smoke and Poison Gas (if you so desire!!!).
Late War Western Front is another challenging game - possibly better played as a skirmish game (?) to represent the trench raiding aspect of things, or a large board game to represent the replacement of exhausted or depleted formations (almost like a game of battleships on land) - just a mad thought  :D

But if Leon can find that old conversion supplement, that would be helpful.

General Discussion / Re: Server Crash
Last post by Orcs - 08 July 2024, 05:08:31 PM
Quote from: Lord Kermit of Birkenhead on 08 July 2024, 10:09:25 AMPaticence young pad-wan. A week min....

Hang on, your talking to a wargamer!
General Discussion / Re: Server Crash
Last post by Genom - 08 July 2024, 04:22:33 PM
Quote from: Leon on 07 July 2024, 11:57:56 PMThis is going to hit those businesses hard so I hope they can all get through until their sites come back online. 

I'm really surprised that nobody seems to be running backups though? I'd have assumed it was the responsiblity of the website developer/host, as it's unlikely that the average business owner would either know how to, or have access to the necessary files to do so.  Our web company back everything up nightly so we'd never lose more than 24 hours of orders/site updates.  For these companies to have lost their whole websites along with years' of emails seems crazy to me.
My understanding from what I've heard is the company did a server patch (standard practice), that failed and they tried to rollback, something went wrong and the backups corrupted. Bit of a vicious circle especially when your admin is away on a cruise.
20th Century / Re: Late WW 1 Austro-Hungarian...
Last post by Ben Waterhouse - 08 July 2024, 03:18:48 PM
Thanks Gents.
Blitzkrieg Commander IV / Re: BKC for WW1?
Last post by Leon - 08 July 2024, 02:23:40 PM
I think there was a supplement/document on the old BKC archive but I can't seem to find it now. I'll keep looking.
Chat & News / Re: Blather, Waffle and Poppyc...
Last post by Leon - 08 July 2024, 02:21:09 PM
Quote from: pierre the shy on 08 July 2024, 06:52:26 AMDon't suppose there's any chance of resurrecting the 10mm ECW era Star Fort that Pendraken used to produce a few years ago?

Definitely, I've wanted to get that back into production for years.  I think the current plan is to convert it into a modular setup instead, so that you can create different types.
BKC-IV Battles / Beda Fomm Feb 1941
Last post by Fede60 - 08 July 2024, 01:51:47 PM
Hi all, some pictures from our refought of second day of Beda Fomm battle.
Italian armor (M11, M13, L35) and bersaglieri have to cross the table blocked by British Combeforce (Portee, Cruisers, MKVI and infantry) entrenched between two hills. Scenario assembled from different sources.
As always with BKIV we had a lot of fun!
20th Century / Re: Late WW 1 Austro-Hungarian...
Last post by fsn - 08 July 2024, 01:36:47 PM

Top one: Austrians in 1918, bottom one is Germans in 1918
Chat & News / Re: Blather, Waffle and Poppyc...
Last post by fsn - 08 July 2024, 01:06:09 PM
I just found out that for the film "Idiocracy" in 2006, a film in which America had descended to a state of ... idiocracy, the costume designer had a limited budget, so bought what they considered to be stupid looking shoes from a new brand. 

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