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Polish Cavalry Commanders ponder the result of the biggest cavalry charge ever seen....

Images pending ....
Kahlenburg 1683... the Poles have arrived

Images pending....
Ohh those are fun
BKC-IV - Army Lists! / Re: MicroMark BKCIV lists new ...
Last post by sultanbev - Today at 05:08:48 PM
The last batch of May 1940ish British BKC IV lists:
BKCB161 British Scissorsforce, Mosjoen, Mo, Bodo, Norway, May 1940
BKCB162 British Avonforce, planned aid to Finland, March-April 1940
BKCB163 British Rupertforce, planned invasion of Norway, April-May 1940
BKCB164 British Bootforce, planned assault on Trondheim, Norway, 16th April 1940
BKCB165 British Northwest Expeditionary Force, Narvik, Norway, 13th May-10th June 1940

Bit of a curveball next, might not be stuff people are interested in but am going to do them anyway, working through Europe in alphabetical order  :)
Blogs / New Gaming Mat - artificial mo...
Last post by sunjester - Today at 04:59:19 PM
 I was browsing the internet the other day (as you do) when I came across an artificial moss mat/roll. It looked interesting and the supplier sold them in various sizes, including 1 metre squares, idea size for skirmish gaming! It wasn't too expensive, so I decided to give one a go and it turned up in todays post.

Austrian SYW Command; Daun or, maybe, Prinz Karl

Austrian SYW Infantry & Grenadiers

SYW Austrians

Austrian SYW Hussars

General Pendraken / Re: Pendraken Plans for 2024!
Last post by Ithoriel - Today at 03:26:46 PM
Space dogs,eh? My 20mm Khanids would approve! :)
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