Dungeon and Booster Pack!

Started by Leon, 12 July 2010, 02:30:39 AM

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Quote from: Stormcrow on 11 December 2010, 10:26:59 PM
:)  Well my Duneon Pack arrived and i have ta say i am so over the Moon with everything. Even the additional Miniatures i ordered are Amazing. The Amazon Herione is stunning Wow wee. I got started on the Dungeon itself already ,  opting for a Classic Slate Grey , with Mold here and there,and painted Five Skeleys, they feel everybit as good and Impressive as anything out there at the minute. I also ordered a Skeleton Captain to take the role of " Wormwood" and his Shoulder plates and stance is exactly right for an Age ridden Bone Shambles. He's gonna look so cool . And Creek around my Dungeon quite a bit.I was also amazed at how easy the Minis where to paint up , I know Skeleys are easy to do anyway , but you can add so much detail to em, there Hott. Cant wait to get stuck in with this and Hopefully get a Few Pics up and Updates on Dungeon Life.  Thanx for Readin Folkz........Soooo Pleased !!!

Good to hear it arrived OK, and that you like it.  We'll be awaiting the pics!
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I`d really like to see your work....  I might be able to `steal` a few photos for interior art to go in DWC.

Six   8)