The Move! Progress and pics...

Started by Leon, 03 April 2012, 07:46:17 AM

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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

I's only 2hrs 50mins (in current traffic) and £28.90 in Fuel Costs.

Put t'kettle on

Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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Syr Hobbs

Congratulations, the sign is the perfect finishing touch.   =D>


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Hahaha, just checked out this thread ~ I know that you were saying that the workshop was a bit of a mess today, but I found it brilliant and seeming to be the ideal of working conditions. And I've worked on a few sites in the Boro :D

Pictures of what the place looked like today can be found here:

Yes, I know. Shameless, aren't I. Giving my blog a plug like that  :d

You'll have to ask the Forum's management if there's a prize to be had for correctly naming the above lurker  ;)


Thanks for posting those, GB.....I'll go back and have another look  later.
This cruddy PC has got a real mind of its own at the moment.  :'( :'( :'(
Cheers - Phil

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Shouldn't look at small text before my eyes have woken up.
I read the 'Transporter bridge' as 'Trainspotter bridge'.....Double take time !  ;)
Cheers - Phil.


"2D"  ??
I always found my minis in 3D !
May be my eyes....   :-\

(sorry, I couldn't resist !  :D  )

Good idea gingerbhoy, thank you !


Quote from: Ben Waterhouse on 03 April 2012, 10:55:41 AM
I await with baited breath for the next stunning instalment!


Here come the fish puns again.
I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?


I mainly post on the Steve Dean Forum, and Wayne Turner (of Flames of War) posted this comment ~

Quote"That so reminds of Battlefront back in the day at Porana Road when I had the job as production manager."

I bet you'd all rather keep working in the North East though, than those alternative climates of New Zealand :)

Having Battlefront's profit turnover might be nice though ;D


Quote from: Techno on 23 August 2014, 07:56:30 AM
Shouldn't look at small text before my eyes have woken up.
I read the 'Transporter bridge' as 'Trainspotter bridge'.....Double take time !  ;)
Cheers - Phil.


I captioned the photo's as I linked the blogpost to the new free-to-download wargaming e-Zine "Wargames Bloggers Quarterly", not as an article, but just for something for the Google and Facebook community to read on the go.

I wanted to take more photo's of the Boro, but I didn't want to make people jealous and plan on moving up here. ;)


Nicely done - good to see Pendraken HQ in full-flow in its current state.

One day I'm going to scare everyone silly & just turn up to make an order.

After all, it's only 324 miles there (about 5.25 hours - if I stick to the speed limits). Sorted  8)


Quote from: Annatar on 03 April 2012, 08:07:56 AM
Where is the porticullis in the first picture leading to (right corner) ?

X_X  X_X  X_X

That's where the casting dwarves are kept when they are not working. :)
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