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Started by MooseDontBounce, 12 August 2011, 06:31:54 PM

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Here's a link at the bottom to some pictures I took while at Historicon this year.

After everything that happened this year, I finally decided to go to Historicon.  So my son Zach and I drove the 4 hours down to Valley Forge.  Since it was sort of a last minute decision, we didn't sign up or play in any games.  Zach (age 17) is a sort of gamer.  He's not interested in painted but is willing be play on occasion.  I was worried he might be bored and not like the trip.  I'm glad to report we had a very good time.

Since I paint exclusively in 6mm & 10mm, he had never seen 15mm & 28mm figures in person before.  He was very impressed.  He really liked the terrain and a month after the convention is talking about building terrain once we move.

The temp outside was close to 100 on Saturday and it was very muggy inside by the afternoon.  Zach saw one person that passed out in the food area that was being help by paramedics.  I only heard one loud rules 'discussion' even though at the FOW tourney, I saw what I would consider some questionable behavior at one or two tables.  It certainly wasn't by everyone and 99.9% of the people took it for what it was, a game.

Veterans told me the vendor area was smaller that normal.  Since I have nothing to compare that to, it seems very big to me!  I made all the purchases I wanted with only one impulse buy.  The '1866' rules.  Now I must hold off buy Pendraken figures... must finish some of what I have! ;D

All in all, a very good time and I hope we will be able to go next year and actually get in some gaming.



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Thanks for posting those Dale, some very nice games on show there.  I was speaking to a chap recently who went over to Historicon, and he mentioned that the traders had been reduced from previous years.

How big is the show then?  From those pics, I get the impression it's spread around that single hall, with the low ceilings and pillars?  I'm sure I've read somewhere that the visistor numbers are in the tens of thousands, but it looks like they'd struggle to fit them in there?
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Nice set of pics, Dale. I'm still struggling to get my head around the concept of someone who's never seen a 25mm figure before, though.  :D
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Quote from: Hertsblue on 12 August 2011, 10:47:17 PM
Nice set of pics, Dale. I'm still struggling to get my head around the concept of someone who's never seen a 25mm figure before, though.  :D
Remember, he's only 17.  There's a lot he hasn't seen yet.//