August Newsletter!

Started by Leon, 18 August 2022, 02:45:56 AM

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Welcome to the latest Pendraken newsletter!

With the UK summer in full swing and a nice new roof on our building, it's time for another update with the latest news from Pendraken HQ!

Thank you!

We'll start with a huge thank you to everyone that came along to our 30th Birthday Bash or took advantage of the online sale during the weekend.  We really appreciate all of your support over the past three decades and it's your continued business that has allowed us to keep growing.

Around 60-70 people descended on Pendraken HQ to play some games, buy some toys and eat some pizza!  We had 7 games running, workshop tours showing our production process and a Discord server running throughout the day for those unable to attend in person.

We've put up a report on our Forum here so head over and see what happened.

Cold War ranges released!

The post-war/modern releases continue apace with our Cold War US and Soviets now online and available to purchase here.

These new Cold War ranges are aimed at the late-1970's to mid-1980's timeframe, with the US in both the M1 helmet and later PASGT kit, and the Soviets carrying both AK-47s and AK-74s.  We've also added some fun extras like the Soviet engineer group and the US MUTT jeeps with the TOW missile launcher.

Along with these, we've released the BMP-1 and a selection of T-64s to our Modern Vehicle range too.

Games Room!

Our new Games Room was finished off just in time for the Birthday Bash and the room is now available for hire.  So if you're looking to run a tournament, a mega-game or just hang out with some gaming friends, let us know and we can get you booked in.

The room is available for both half-day and full day rates:

£25 per half-day (4 hours)
£50 per full day (8 hours)

We're delighted to announce that we'll be hosting Models for Heroes sessions in our Games Room, every other Friday. These sessions are free to attend so just turn up and join in. If you'd like more info just let us know and we can put you in touch with the M4H volunteer, Kat.

The Great Wargaming Survey!

The annual Great Wargaming Survey is once again being run by Wargames, Soldier & Strategy magazine, so this is your opportunity to give your views and help us to see what the trends are in the hobby.  You can complete the survey here and you'll get a discount code as a thank you, as well as the opportunity to enter a prize draw too.

Upcoming Shows!

Last weekend we had a great time up at Claymore seeing some friendly faces after a few years without this excellent show.  Sales were a little down on previous years but that seems to be the trend at the moment.  We've also had confirmation that Carronade has been cancelled.

Our next events are Colours in Newbury and Border Reiver in Gateshead, so please make sure to get your pre-orders placed for those in time for the events.

With Colours being Free Entry this year there's an extra incentive to get yourself along to this one as well!

Important Dates

Sat 10th September - Colours in Newbury (pre-orders by Fri 2nd Sept)
Sat 17th September - Border Reiver in Gateshead (pre-orders by Fri 9th Sept)
Sun 9th October - Other Partizan in Newark (pre-orders by Fri 30th Sept)
Sun 16th October - SELWG in London (pre-orders by Fri 7th Oct)
Sun 30th October - Fiasco in Leeds (pre-orders by Fri 21st Oct)

That'll do for now, we'll be back next month with some AWI releases, some Fantasy additions and hopefully some Napoleonic buildings! - Now home to over 7000 products, including 4500 items for 10mm wargaming, plus MDF bases, Battlescale buildings, I-94 decals, Litko Gaming Aids, Militia Miniatures, Raiden Miniatures 1/285th aircraft, Red Vectors MDF products, Vallejo paints and much, much more!