30th Birthday Bash Report & Pics

Started by Leon, 20 July 2022, 10:20:34 PM

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I wish I lived close by so I could have attended - but there's a giant ocean between us.  ;D

Glad to see it was a successful day.

tony of TTT

Thanks for a great day out and for the hospitality during the day.

The new place really has come on in leaps & bounds (hurricanes permitting) and is now as welcoming as our hosts Leon & Adele.

A great set of games to watch and talk about though I didn't actually get around to playing any I now know more about at least 3 sets of rules I've never used before.

Tony of TTT


T'was a grand day. Great to see so many folk and wonderful games.

Felt truley honoured to be asked to put on a game at such an august event. Particularly as it wasn't even using 10mm or Pendracken figures. :)

Hope that Pendraken continues to go from strength to strength and that I can put a game on for the 40th anniversary event.