Barbarossa July 1941

Started by Jimbo94, 18 May 2019, 09:31:04 PM

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Hi All
Apologies but I don't know how to post pics onto here
Had a game at the club on Thursday
3000 v 1500 points
Germany v Russia ,
Breakthrough attack

Enjoyable game with a clear win for the Germans

The rules worked well except for Recce but the amount of dice throwing especially the opportunity fire rolls really slowed things down

I am a convert to the BKC system and was ok with it but my club colleague was not impressed

I think next game will be scaled down to 2000 v 1000 on 4 x4

Thanks to all for their efforts with the updated version even though I have expressed various criticisms

Steve J

I think smaller games on a 4' x 4' table are the way to go for intro games, as things tend to be resolved more quickly. I'd be interested to know what your friend didn't like about the rules?

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Big Insect

Yes Jimbo - thanks for all your feedback

As Steve says ... interesting to get the feedback from your club mates

Too much dice throwing can be a problem ... personally I like the Opportunity Fire rule - it was one of the things that drove me nuts with Flames of War was the way that enemy units just waltzed around in front of me whilst I couldn't shoot at them!

Removing casualties can also be a real stress point in liking or disliking any of the Commander series ... as can the concept of Command failures (especially with low CV armies), but generally as a mechanism I like the idea that if luck is with me I can make multiple moves in my game turn.
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