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Started by mmcv, 05 May 2019, 12:09:39 AM

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In which I ponder the investment required to get into any new period, introduce my cardboard armies, tease for an upcoming big bloody battle and generally ramble.

Steve J

An interesting read. As mentioned in my reply, Junior General website is your friend as they have lots of good top down figures that can be scaled to suit your needs.


Thanks for your reply Steve, junior general looks like a fantastic resource!

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Quote from: mmcv on 05 May 2019, 07:42:04 AM
Thanks for your reply Steve, junior general looks like a fantastic resource!

Got to agree. Dont discard the 20mm stuff, you can scale down, that is how I got my rail track.
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Quote from: ianrs54 on 05 May 2019, 08:16:31 AM
Got to agree. Dont discard the 20mm stuff, you can scale down, that is how I got my rail track.

Yeah for sure, I was looking at their river pieces as well, which would look the part suitably scaled.


I'll second (third?) the Junior Generals site. I used masses of their top-down counters when I was running Summer Schools for teenagers a few years back. They look fine on the table and I found them really easy to manipulate to create new units (in fact I think there may still be some of my armies on the site).

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I'll fourth that, plus he works in his local wch9ol, 3d printing projects for them.
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You can make some great looking forces with a bit more work on the junior general stuff:


made these a while ago and they work well!


Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Peter, those paper hoplites look great.  :D

I've just finished my first game using the 2D armies. Worked out quite well for the most part. I'd no issue with the abstract nature of it but did find the lack of weight in the counters somewhat frustrating as they'd a tendency to bunch up when moved. This could be resolved using MDF counters as was suggested before, or some sort of sabot system. Maybe even just an old painting stick with the counters attached with blue tac. The other main issue I had was identifying the different units, though again some sort of marker or sabot would sort this.

All in all quite successful.  I'll follow up with a more detailed post on the blog at some point and put together a battle report and review of what I think of BBB so far.

Definitely inspiring me to do the 2mm project for BBB next!


Oh I just got promoted, drinks on me!


Congratulations. Captain.

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Well deserved promotion! Well done.
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I found cheap vinyl self-adhesive floor tiles worked well. I printed the counters off on paper, stuck them on to the tiles, then cut them out.


Congrats on the promotion !!

Cheers - Phil