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Started by Leon, 20 October 2018, 05:00:17 PM

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20 October 2018, 05:00:17 PM Last Edit: 20 October 2018, 05:04:44 PM by Leon

Welcome to the Pendraken Miniatures newsletter!

It's been a while since our last newsletter back in July and we've been busier than ever!  It's not just 10mm news these days either, with a lot of new releases on the Minibits side of things as well.  Let's get straight to it...

1809 Not-Kickstarter!

We'll start with our latest news, we're currently running a Not-Kickstarter campaign to expand our 1809 Confederation of the Rhine ranges to include Hesse-Darmstadt, Saxony, Warsaw and Wurttemberg.  We've already hit our initial target and we'll be starting sculpting in November, but if we can get some more pledges in then we can start to add some bonus items including limbers, civilians flags and casualties.  If this is an area of interest to you, make sure to head over and add your pledge before the deadline on 31st October.


We're getting so close now with the updated BKC rules, so it's time for another update.  We've received the final text from the revision group so we're currently putting that into the master file and sorting out the formatting.  There's a few queries here and there which we're dealing with as we come across them, so we're making solid progress.  Currently the outstanding jobs are to check over the Scenarios, make sure that the Special Abilities in the lists are correct and then do some final checks on the structure and layout.  We may add in some more photos here and there if we've got time to do it.

The current estimate is still to get these printed in time to ship out for Christmas, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to get the file finalised and over to the printers in time.  There is a 4-week turnaround for printing at this time of year though, so we have to bear that in mind.  We'd prefer to be able to send the final document out to a few people before going ahead with the printrun, so we'll continue working as fast as we can to get this sorted finally.

Latest Releases!

We've had a hugely busy summer and there's been a steady stream of new goodies pouring out of Pendraken HQ.  We'll start with the Pendraken 10mm releases first, before moving on to the new Minibits items.

> Korean War Part 3 - Part 3 of our new Korean War range saw the addition of the British.

> Korean War Part 4 - ...Then Part 4 saw the North Koreans released!
> Korean War Army Packs - And finally we added a selection of army packs to for each side, including both summer and winter options where possible.
> TB-Line Europe - Some of you have been waiting a while for these, but the first of the TB Line Middle Ages ranges came online with the Europe range available.
> TB-Line Eastern Europe - And following on quickly, we released the Eastern Europe range as well.

> Animals - Our initial range of animals had sold extremely well, so we added another 16 codes to the Pendraken Zoo!

> 19th C. Italian Flags - To complement our recent Italian range, we added some handy flags.

Minibits Corner!

Over on the Minibits side of things we've been just as busy with some great new products for the non-10mm gamers!

> Animals - After the success of the 10mm animals, we've added 15mm, 20mm and 28mm versions of our first 9 types.

> WWII Ruins - We're adding more RedVectors designs to our MDF ranges, this time with some excellent 20mm and 28mm ruins.

> Escomb Church - Another RedVectors design, this 15mm model of Escomb Church is a great little addition.
> Bulk Bases - We know that some of you go through a huge amount of bases, so we've added some Bulks deals for our most popular sizes.  These are available on the Pendraken site as well.

In The Pipeline!

The packages of new sculpts have slowed down a little over the summer, but we've still had batches arrive including new Nap Dutch-Belgians and some revamped Dacians & Sarmatians from Techno.  The Napoleonics are almost all moulded and will be released in the next fortnight, while the Dacians will be getting popped into a drawer until the new year.  

We've also had another batch of vehicles which are awaiting some pics, along with some odds and ends to tick off some of the Top 10 Requests, so more info on those coming soon.


We're getting towards the end of the show calendar now, with only 3 shows left in 2018.  First up we've got Fiasco coming up on Sunday 28th October in Leeds.  This one is Free Entry this year so definitely worth a look if you're in the area.  

Next up we'll be heading down south for the final time this year as we attend the Warfare show in Reading on November 17th & 18th.  

And then to finish off the year in style, it's our own Battleground event on Saturday 24th November!  This one is Free Entry as well and we had a great time last year, so we're hoping for a similar turnout this time around.

One quick note about the Crisis show as well.  Whilst we won't be attending ourselves, we can arrange for any pre-orders to be passed to Eagle Figures ready for you to collect at the event.  Just drop us an email with anything you need and we'll get it sorted for you.

If you'd like to place a pre-order for any of these events, you can do so through either of the websites using the 'Collect at Show' option up to 7 days in advance.  The Fiasco option will have disappeared by midnight tonight, but drop us an email and we'll do our best to get everything ready in time!

Painting Competition 2018!

This year's Painting Competition had a great turnout again and we had some cracking entries.  We threw the voting out to our members for the first time and they chose some worthy winners!  All of the results can be found here and we'll be running our next competition throughout February 2019.

And we're done!

That's everything for now, we hope there's something there of interest to you!  We've got a lot more planned before the end of the year so keep an eye out for more news and as always, give us a shout if we can help with anything.
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