April 2017 Newsletter!

Started by Leon, 07 April 2017, 10:28:33 PM

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07 April 2017, 10:28:33 PM Last Edit: 27 January 2018, 10:17:25 PM by Leon

Welcome to the Pendraken Miniatures April newsletter!

With Salute looming and a large delivery of a certain WWII ruleset impending, there's a lot to run through this month!

Blitzkrieg Commander III!

Hopefully the majority of you will have seen this somewhere already, but for those who've missed it, Blitzkrieg Commander III is officially here!  The rules will be delivered to us in the next week and then we'll be launching them at the Salute show on April 22nd.  We've made the rules available for pre-order at the special launch price of £20, so make sure to take advantage of the offer and grab yourself a copy.  For those who can't collect their copy at Salute, we'll be shipping all of the pre-orders when we get back on Monday 24th.  The pre-order price will then end on Saturday 29th.  For all of the info on the revised BKC-III, have a look here.

Latest Releases!

As well as BKC-III we've released a load of new products over the past month or so, including:

> FT-17's - Starting with WWI, we've revamped our FT-17 models with both hex and round turrets, plus a command version.

> Shermans - For the WWII crowd, we've got some more new Shermans for you.
> IS / Sturmtiger - Plus we've revamped the IS series tanks and completed a new Sturmtiger model.
> Soviet Sherman / M11/39 - A couple more WWII vehicles with a Soviet Sherman and the Italian M11/39 released.
> Modern Vehicles - And moving forward from WWII, we've got some Pershings and the M60 tank!

And on the scenery side of things:

> Shell Craters - We've added some handy shell craters in small and medium sizes.
> Craters, Fences, Walls - Plus some larger craters and MDF fencing.

> Eastern Front buildings - Ironclad has made us some excellent new Russian buildings for the Eastern Front.
> Epsilon Escenografia - And finally we've got some new items in stock from Epsilon Escenografia!

In The Pipeline!

There's a few ranges on the go at the moment, but with all the work on BKC-III we've only been able to give you one preview this past month.  It's a good one though with some excellent new LoA/WSS sculpts from Clibinarium!


We might have mentioned this already a few times, but it's not long until the Salute show.  Taking place on Saturday 22nd at the usual ExCeL venue in London, this is the UK's biggest wargaming event with over 6000 visitors and 170+ traders.  We'll be there with all of our latest goodies, but if there's anything in particular you'd like us to bring along, please, please, please let us know as soon as you can.  Any orders received after Sat 15th can't be guaranteed to be ready in time for the show, so make sure to send your lists over to us before that date.

New Website!

And finally for this month, a quick update on the new website.  Almost everything is complete and ready to go, but with the BKC-III pre-orders coming in at the moment we decided to wait until after Salute for launching the new site.  We've got a date of Saturday 29th in place, so we'll get the final little tweaks sorted out and then we'll be launching!
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