2020 Releases Summary

Started by Leon, 30 December 2020, 05:30:38 PM

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Here's all of our releases through a rather interesting year...

Achaemenid Persians - https://pendraken.co.uk/ancients/classical-600-220bc/achaemenid-persian/
PER1   Foot command
PER2   Infantry with crescent shield  
PER3   Sparabara spearmen with shields (20)    
PER4   Sparabara archers
PER5   Immortals
PER6   Saka Hauma/Asia Hillmen spearmen (20)    
PER7   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen archers
PER8   Saka Haumavarga/Asiatic Hillmen slingers
PER9   Light cavalry with javelin
PER10   Satrapal Guard cavalry
PER11   Guard cavalry
PER12   Iranian cavalry
PER13   Arab cavalry
PER14   Skythian cavalry with spear
PER15   Skythian cavalry with bow
PER16   Mounted General (1)    
PER17   Scythed chariot with crew and driver (2)
PER18   Scythed chariot with Xerxes (1)    
PER19   Scythed chariot with Cyrus  (1)    
PER20   Xerxes (1)    
PER21   Cyrus (1)
PER22   Separate shields (10)    
Army Pack – Contains 2 x PER5. 1 1/2 x PER3.  1 x PER1, 2, 4, 9  

Greeks - https://pendraken.co.uk/ancients/classical-600-220bc/greek/
GRE1   Foot command
GRE2   Armoured hoplites in tunic cuirass
GRE3   Armoured hoplites bronze cuirass
GRE4   Spartan hoplites
GRE5   Peltasts with short spear
GRE6   Cretan/Psiloi archers
GRE7   Psiloi skirmishers
GRE8   Greek light cavalry
GRE9   Thessalian light cavalry
GRE10   Thessalian heavy cavalry
GRE11   Mounted general and leader  
Army Pack – Contains 2 x GRE2. 1 x GRE1, 3, 5, 6, 8    

European Late Medieval - https://pendraken.co.uk/medieval/late-european/
ELM41   Siege tower with crew  
ELM42   Trebuchet with crew  

Elizabethans - https://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/elizabethan-1560-1610/
EL3  Arquebusiers  
EL17  Halberdier    
EL18  Pikemen, unarmoured  
EL19  Musketeers, type 2    
EL20  Mounted arquebusier  
EL21  Genitor    
EL22  Mounted command  
EL23  Spanish pikemen
EL24  Pikemen in helmets
EL25  Pikemen in hats  

English Civil War - https://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/english-civil-war/
EC43   Pikemen casualty in Scots bonnet (10)  
EC44   Pikemen casualty in morion helmet (10)    
EC45   Musketeer casualty in Scots bonnet (10)    
EC46   Mounted casualty in Scots bonnet (5)    
EC47a   Scots armoured pikemen, standing (15)    
EC47b   Scots armoured pikemen, advancing (15)    
EC4   Dismounted dragoons
EC8   Peasants with improvised weapons

EC1a   Armoured pikemen, standing
EC1b   Armoured pikemen, advancing
EC2a   Unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC2b   Unarmoured pikemen, advancing
EC16a   Scots unarmoured pikemen, standing
EC16b   Scots unarmoured pikemen, advancing

Feudal Japanese - https://pendraken.co.uk/renaissance/16th-c-feudal-japanese/
FEU1   Foot command (20)    
FEU2   Ashigaru with naginata  
FEU3   Ashigaru with longbow  
FEU4   Ashigaru with yari upright (15)
FEU5   Ashigaru with yari angled (15)    
FEU6   Ashigaru with arquebus    
FEU7   Samurai with longbow    
FEU8   Samurai with naginata  
FEU9   Samurai with katana  
FEU10   Samurai with yari  
FEU11   Peasants with longbow  
FEU12   Peasants with arquebus  
FEU13   Peasants with improvised weapons  
FEU14   Sohei monks  
FEU15   Ikko-Ikki monks  
FEU16   Ninjas  
FEU17   Mounted Samurai with longbow  
FEU18   Mounted Samurai with naginata  
FEU19   Mounted Samurai with yari  
FEU20   Emplaced gun with crew (2)  
FEU21   Foot generals group (4)    
FEU22   Mounted general and bannerman (2)    
FEU23   Taiko drum and drummers  
FEU24   Takeda Shingen  
FEU25   Uesugi Kenshin  
FEU26   Tokugawa Ieyasu  
FEU27   Oda Nobunaga  
FEU28   Ashigaru casualties (10)
FEU29   Samurai casualties (10)    
FEU30   Civilians  
FEU31   Sashimono banners, small (10)    
FEU32   Sashimono banners, large (10)    
FEU33   Uma Jirushi banners (5)    
FEU34   Horse hair banners (5)    
FEU35   Pavise (10)    
FEU36   Bamboo palisade (10)    
FEU37   Kuruma Date mobile shield (3)    
FEU38   Bamboo bundles (10)   £1.85
Army Pack - Contains 1 pack each of FEU1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22  

French - https://pendraken.co.uk/napoleonic/1809/french/
NPF45   Guard Chasseur a Cheval  
NPF46   Guard Grenadier a Cheval  
NPF47   Empress Dragoons  
NPF48   Red Lancers  

19th Century Europe
1860/70 Prussian - https://pendraken.co.uk/19th-century/europe/186070s-prussian/
PPW22   Line in greatcoat and pickelhaube, advancing  
PPW23   Line in greatcoat and pickelhaube, skirmishing

American Misc - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/american/misc/
AMX2   Seated drivers (5)    
AMX3   Seated passengers (5 pairs)

British Infantry - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/infantry/
BRF59   4.2" mortar with crew (3 teams)

British Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/vehicles/
BRV33   Churchill I  

British Misc - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/misc/
BRX11   Seated drivers (5)    
BRX12   Seated passengers (5 pairs)

French - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/french/
FRE62   Seated drivers (5)    
FRE63   Seated passengers (5 pairs)  
FRE64   Anti-tank rifle, prone (10)    
FRE65   Anti-tank rifle, walking (5)    

German Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/vehicles/
GRV6   Panzer III Ausf. E/F, 37mm gun
GRV7   Panzer III Ausf. J
GRV8   Panzer III Ausf. K, command tank
GRV9   Panzer III Ausf. L
GRV10   Panzer III Ausf. M, with armoured skirts
GRV11   Panzer III Ausf. N, with armoured skirts, short 75mm
GRV12   Bergepanzer III

GRV37   StuG III Ausf. D
GRV38   StuG III Ausf G
GRV39   StuG III Ausf G, with armoured skirts

GRV85   Flakpanzer IV 'Wirbelwind', 20mm Quad AA
GRV86   StuH 42, 105mm
GRV89   SIG-33b 150mm Howitzer

GRV96   Opel Blitz truck, low sides  
GRV97   Opel Blitz truck, office body  
GRV98   Opel Blitz, 20mm Quad AA  
GRV99   Opel Blitz truck, high sides  
GRV100   Opel Maultier

GRV122   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/18  
GRV123   Opel Blitz radio truck, Kfz.305/22  
GRV124   Opel Blitz ambulance  
GRV125   Opel Maultier, office body  
GRV126   Panzer III Ausf. F, L/42 50mm
GRV127   Panzer III Ausf. G/H, L/42 50mm
GRV128   Flammpanzer III, Ausf M
GRV129   Panzer III Op
GRV130   StuG III Ausf. E
GRV131   StuG III Ausf. F
GRV132   StuG III Ausf. G, 'Saukopf' mantlet
GRV133   StuG III Ausf. G, 'Saukopf' mantlet, with armoured skirts
GRV134   Flakpanzer IV 'Ostwind'
GRV135   Sd.Kfz 251/17 Ausf. D, 20mm AA

German Misc - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/misc/
GRX25   Seated drivers (5)    
GRX26   Seated passengers (5 pairs)    

Soviet Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/soviet/
SVV41   Su-76i

Soviet Misc - https://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/soviet/misc/
SVX5   Seated drivers (5)    
SVX6   Seated passengers (5 pairs)  

Modern Vehicles - https://pendraken.co.uk/modern/vehicles/
MDV73   BTR-40  

Monsters - https://pendraken.co.uk/fantasy-warband/monsters/
FAN-MON10   Fire Giants (32mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON11   Stone Giants (33mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON12   Terror Birds (23mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON13   Blood Demons (25-28mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON14   Forest Trolls (27mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON15   Storm Elementals (26-28mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON16   Plague Elementals (26mm high)   £4.00
FAN-MON17   Rhinos x 6 (15mm high)   £3.50
FAN-MON18   Bears x 6 (13-21mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON19   Armoured bears (13-21mm high)   £3.00
FAN-MON20   Saddled bears (13mm high)   £3.00

Feudal Japan - https://pendraken.co.uk/scenic-items-terrain/feudal-japan/
SCN-FEU1   Samurai Dojo  
SCN-FEU5   Village House, type 1  
SCN-FEU6   Samurai House  
SCN-FEU7   Village House, type 2  
SCN-FEU8   Dormitory  
SCN-FEU9   Inn  

Rules - https://pendraken.co.uk/rules/
BKC-LIB   Libertad!   

TB Line
Middle Age Islamics - https://pendraken.co.uk/tb-line/middle-ages/islamics/
TB-188   Mounted command group  
TB-189   Heavy knights with lance  
TB-190   Light cavalry with bows  
TB-191   Light camelry with spear/bow  
TB-192   Archers  
TB-193   Crossbowman  
TB-194   Knights on foot  
TB-195   Infantry with sword/spear  

= 173 Total Releases(including 20 revamps)!

And over on the Minibits side we also released:

Red Vectors
6mm Sci-Fi - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/6mm/sci-fi/
RED-6S-03   Monorails x 10    

20mm WWII - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/20mm/wwii/
RED-20W2-05   Small bunker  
RED-20W2-06   Large bunker  
RED-20W2-07   Ammo limbers (x2)    
RED-20W2-08   Café Gondrée  

28mm WWII - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/28mm/wwii/
RED-28W2-03   Small bunker  
RED-28W2-04   Large bunker  
RED-28W2-05   Ammo limber  

RED-28R-01   Small house  
RED-28R-02   Large house  
RED-28R-03   Barn  
RED-28R-04   Stable  
RED-28R-05   Pigsty  

28mm Sci-Fi - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/28mm/sci-fi/
RED-28S-01   Small building, single door  
RED-28S-02   Small building, double door  
RED-28S-03   Small building, no door  
RED-28S-04   Medium building, single door  
RED-28S-05   Medium building, double door  
RED-28S-06   Medium building, no door  
RED-28S-07   Large building, single door  
RED-28S-08   Large building, double door  
RED-28S-09   Large building, no door  
RED-28S-10   Small walkway  
RED-28S-11   Medium walkway  
RED-28S-12   Large walkway  
RED-28S-13   Ladders (6 short/4 long)    
RED-28S-14   Internal walls (2 types)    
RED-28S-15   Extra doors (3 small/3 large)
RED-28S-16   Guard tower  
RED-28S-17   Compound

28mm Wagons - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/28mm/wagons/
RED-WAG-01   2-wheeled wagons (x2)   £5.00
RED-WAG-02   4-wheeled wagon  
RED-WAG-03   Stagecoach  
RED-WAG-04   Prison Wagon  

28mm Horses - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/28mm/horses/
RED-H01   Walking Horses (x2)    
RED-H02   Draught Horses (x2)  

Paint Racks  - https://www.minibits.net/red-vectors/paint-racks/
RED-RAC-01   Paint rack (small)    
RED-RAC-02   Paint rack (large)  
RED-RAC-03   Paint rack (wall)  

= 39 Releases
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Steve J

I'm always amazed to see how many new releases the team produces each year. Keep up the good work!

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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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To busy making masks it seems !!!


In my younger days if you went into a bank wearing a mask they would call the police.
Now you go into a bank without a mask, guess what.  :o  screams, ....

Mike L


Well done sirs.  That's a very impressive list. Not a lot to interest me, well at the moment, but still impressive.
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Very Impressive.

But no Negro with wooden brandishing pitchfork for ACW. - Why was that missed?
The cynics are right nine times out of ten. -Mencken, H. L.

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well. - Robert Louis Stevenson