Napoleonic Casualties and Civilians released!

Started by Leon, 27 July 2019, 11:36:59 PM

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27 July 2019, 11:36:59 PM Last Edit: 28 July 2019, 04:19:15 PM by Leon
Following on from our 1809 expansion we've now got a useful selection of casualties for all of your Napoleonic armies, plus some handy civilians as well!

The casualties cover all of the nations currently in our ranges and come with a variety of headgear as well, so there should be some useful proxy options here for armies we've not produced yet.  

Misc -
NPX2   Civilians   (30)   £5.25
NPX3   Austrian casualties, in helmet   (10)   £1.75
NPX4   Austrian casualties, in grenadier bearskin (10)   £1.75
NPX5   British casualties, in Belgic shako   (10)   £1.75
NPX6   British casualties, in stovepipe shako   (10)   £1.75
NPX7   French casualties, in shako   (10)   £1.75
NPX8   French casualties, in bearskin   (10)   £1.75
NPX9   Bavarian casualties, in helmet   (10)   £1.75
NPX10   Prussian casualties, in covered shako   (10)   £1.75
NPX11   Warsaw casualties, in czapska   (10)   £1.75
NPX12   Minor States casualties, in bicorne   (10)   £1.75

And a few pics:

NPX2 - Civilians:

NPX3 - Austrian casualties, in helmet:

NPX5 - British casualties, in stovepipe shako:

NPX10 - Prussian casualties, in covered shako:

NPX12 - Minor States casualties, in bicorne:

Coming next we've got some revamped WWII vehicles and then it'll be the long-awaited Indian Mutiny range!

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Steve J

The civilians look good and will work well across quite a wide timeframe I would have thought.

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more stuff to add to the painting queue  :D

and before teh questiosn start - the Austrian Grenadiers are in bearskin not helmet - it's correct on teh website thank goodness  ;)


Those could be useful in a number of settings. Very nice sculpts.
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Ben Waterhouse

Tres jolie, except the dead of course, which are very useful. I'll shut up now...
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Well Done That Man! These could be very useful as markers if you use such.   :)  Sadly, my own 10mm Nap/ACW stuff is rather 'on hold' as I have no time at all for actually doing anything with my mountain and I am buying 25mm for the possible future when my eyesight continues to deteriorate.  8) :o   ;)  (Wish I hadn't given away my 'Action Men' LOL!).   ;D
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