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Started by Leon, 13 September 2017, 01:11:33 AM

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We're still working on replacing some of our older resin models, so next to get the revamp treatment are our emplacements!  The old ones were a little rough around the edges and weren't quite up to par with the more recent resin models, so John has done us these cracking new versions!  Both types have been designed to suit 30mm square artillery bases, so the 2 gun emplacement has an internal measurement of 65x30mm (90x50mm overall), while the 3 gun version has an internal of 65x65mm (110x110mm overall).

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Emplacements -
SCN-EMP2    2 gun emplacement    £3.00
SCN-EMP3    3 gun emplacement    £5.00

SCN-EMP2 - 2 gun emplacement

SCN-EMP3 - 3 gun emplacement

The smaller U-shaped gun revetment will be getting redone soon as well, along with some new types as well. - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!


Those look rather spiffy !

Cheers - Phil

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Excellent and versatile. Great to see the small fort available again.
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very nice, and they paint up well.


First One looks right for warmaster basing!