Modern American Armour 2

Started by mart678, 10 January 2016, 08:35:37 PM

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Thought I would post it here as well

More to come this week

First up


Good looking model Mart.  Will find a market for Vietnam, Cold War and Operation Just Cause - a great wargame.

Is  the Walker Bulldog on the list ?


Hi Sunray

Yes walker bulldog is next one turret is done just hull detail to do



Ok next batch
M60A1 1963- still in service
M60A2 Starship
The first 2,000 odd M60's where the new hull with a M48(105mm gun) and later M60A1 cupola these where in service 1959-63ish they where all upgrades to the new turret M60A1 standard
the white box on the cutting board is the IR Spotlight for later M60A1's the model has the early track this is replaced when the M60A3 comes in with also smoke dischargers added and laser range finder and thermal sleeve on barrel
There is still some detailing to do on the M60A1 turret rails and storage bin detail and headlights
Top is M60A1 bottom M60A2


Tell me you didn't make the toothed gear at the back by hand, Mart !! :o :o :o :o

Look gorgeous to me !

Cheers - Phil


Hi Techno

Yes mad as I am I have 3 more sets to make :( :(

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Very nice. Very nice indeed.  :D

Talented chappie, aren't you Mr 678?
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Quote from: mart678 on 14 January 2016, 12:22:53 PM
Hi Techno
Yes mad as I am I have 3 more sets to make :( :(

Mart....That's not mad.....That's completely insane;)  ;D ;D ;D

Take my hat off to you, Matey !

Cheers - Phil

Matt J

these seriously kick ass

cracking models Mart
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More Pictures sooooonnnnnn ;D ;D ;D insane laugh

Thanks everyone

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I assume you will be making a turret with blazer.....(ERA, not jacket)

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I'm told, by a US Marine no less, that all the hydraulics for the turret went down passed the front of the turret in front of the gun trunions, this made them burn very easily. This is maybe why the Israelies don't use them any more.

I don't know how true this is but it was what I was told.

Again I saw some M60's in Germany in the mid-70's, compared to our Chieftains they were like a block of flats they were so tall.


The Hydraulics oil was non flammable normally but at 1200psi caught fire as soon as the tank was hit and the line ruptured this was from reports in 1973/4 after Yom Kippur this was rectified very quickly afterwards

As for the ERA I would think so also the Marine version for Gulf War one

As for the Sheridan they did a trial with the stingray 105mm turret so there are options also they fitted one turret with the 76mm from Walker Bulldog in trials