New Flodden codes now available!

Started by Leon, 10 October 2015, 12:31:51 AM

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We hinted towards these in last month's newsletter and here they are!  These have been developed by a customer of ours along with Techno, bringing 22 new codes to our 16th C. English/Scots range and expanding it to include new French foot, English and Scot foot and mounted commands, and even some personalities!  

The customer is doing an extremely large Flodden project so we're looking forward to seeing some pics of that when it's complete!

16th C. English / Scottish -
ER13   Front rank pikemen, pavise
ER14   Scots Border Jedburgh Stavemen
ER15   French crossbowmen
ER16   French arquebusier
ER17   Men-at-arms on foot, plate armour
ER18   Men-at-arms, mounted, full plate
ER19   Border Horse
ER20   Medium guns with Scottish crew (3)
ER21   Heavy guns with Scottish crew (3)
ER22   English foot command (16)   £2.50
ER23   English mounted command (8 )   £2.50
ER24   Scottish foot command (16)   £2.50
ER25   Scottish mounted command (8 )   £2.50
ER26   Highlander foot command (16)   £2.50
ER27   French foot command (15)   £2.30
ER28   Heralds on foot (10)   £1.50
ER29   James IV of Scotland, mounted (1)   £0.70
ER30   Earl of Surrey, mounted (1)   £0.70
ER31   James IV of Scotland, on foot (1)   £0.45
ER32   Earl of Surrey, on foot (1)   £0.45
ER33   John 'The Bastard' Heron, mounted (1)   £0.70
ER34   Thomas Dacre, mounted (1)   £0.70
Packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry / 3 guns with crew unless shown otherwise

And now for some pics:

ER17 - Men-at-arms, on foot:

ER18 - Men-at-arms, mounted:

ER22 - English foot command:

ER24 - Scottish foot command:

ER27 - French foot command:

We hope you like them!


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Duke Speedy of Leighton

Those are awesome!
Was never into the early renaissance before, but I think I will be getting at least one of these forces...
Or both...
With allies...
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Same here, never thought much about this period before but  they look lovely. :-bd :-bd


They do look excellent, can I resist? :-\
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Dammit! These look great.

I've got a hole in my list of armies, (an army-hole, if you would) with nothing between the War of the Roses and the War of the Spanish Succession. I was contemplating a Covenanter / New Model Army type thing, but I am now severely tempted ...

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I like. The command figures are all very nice, and I think some of the foot knights will be heading my soon.
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Steve J

Wow, those are really rather nice. Ican see many of them fitting into a variety of projects on the go or planned for the future :).


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Frank Carson



Very nice.  Add some magicians and you can have a Warband army! 


Duke Speedy of Leighton

Will there be any rejigging of the existing army packs or a supplemental pack? ;)
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Quote from: Nosher on 10 October 2015, 11:43:08 AM
Basis of a Dragonmen Army.....

Just so's you know  ;).........I have made these from 'historical' sized dollies, Nosher...(along with converting a lot of already existing figures).....So they'll be a wee bit smaller than the Warband Dragonmen that I'll be starting sometime relatively soon.

I've made new sized dollies for those particular chaps.

Awwww....Leon hasn't taken a piccy of my favourites yet.  ;)
(James & Surrey)
I think I'll have to scrounge some of those....'Bout time I got the paints out again. ;)

Thanks for the compliments, chaps ! Pleased you all seem to like them !  :)

Cheers - Phil

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You may refer to me as: Your Grace, Duke Speedy of Leighton.
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Well, Huzzah !

Should have thought of looking there !  X_X
Ta, Will.

Cheers - Phil