10mm in a small playing area

Started by Norm, 28 April 2014, 07:04:55 PM

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I have been doing a bit of a project to get a figure game onto a pinboard sized playing area. Originally this was to be an open board with commercial rules amended to 'scale down' to the smaller playing area. However, over the course of four monthly posts, the project morphed into a small hexed gaming area.

This link is to the final part of the project as outlined on my blog, the blog also includes links to the three earlier posts.

Out of this project, I want to pursue several periods being used with the smaller board, together with some purpose made rulesets.

LINK http://battlefieldswarriors.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/pinboard-project-final-monthly-update.html#more

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Good project write up, thank you. 8)
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An interesting project, which I'm following with interest. I sympathise whole-heartedly with the back problem - mine frequently objects strongly to being bent at any angle.
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Interesting project and decent write up.
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Interesting project as I'm always thinking about how I can play games in smaller space.


Thanks, the blog in general is about small gaming spaces, tight storage space etc. It is a pity that the media concentrate on 28mm to the point that someone outside looking in would think it is the only scale ......... Although getting 28mm figures into a small gaming space also has some charm. ...... Just not the 12 foot tables that seem to abound on the net, but that I have only ever seen at clubs and shows.


Yes, the media always seems to be 'look at these 28mm on big tables' which I can understand with shows where 28s do have more visual impact, but for massed battles lots of 10mm on a base is more realistic than my battalion is 24 figures.

I like some of the rulesets like the Two Hour Wargames, Ganesha Games and Osprey sets like In Her Majesty's Name and Frostgrave for being able to work in a 3ft square area even with 28mms.


I've used Honours of War in 10mm. The scenarios in the book are designed for unit of frontages of 200mm for 28mm figures. My 10mm units have a frontage of 100mm which is catered for by using the 15mm QRS (there is a 10mm QRS but it didn't suit my basing method). Consequently I can reduce all the scenarios to half size. This one, from the website downloads, was halved in size giving the following 3'x2' battlefield.

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Lots of interesting ideas at your blog Norm. I work under many of the same restraints. Have become a follower.
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I spotted that, thanks. I had a lovely wander around your blog.