How i paint figs. kev

Started by kev1964, 08 March 2014, 10:36:12 AM

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Lord Raffles

kev1964, can you recommend some good brushes suppliers and ideal sizes?


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I use a mix of Army Painter, Games Workshop and The Works brushes at the moment. They range in size from 000 to 2 for most painting with a couple of much bigger ones for large models and terrain items and a make-up brush I use for very fine dry-brushing of large surface areas.

Perhaps I'm just unduly ham-fisted but I don't find supposedly good quality brushes last any longer than my cheaper ones. The tips bend and the bristles splay just as quickly.
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All looks very good but I need to get stuff on the table fast and have room for other aspects of my life, so black undercoat followed by top highlight - job done.
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Top notch work, and tips!

Thank you
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