Early medieval figures

Started by seano1815, 23 February 2014, 07:28:57 PM

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Painted these up for a fellow member as a prize for being the only one to comment on my 10,000 blog view 8). Really enjoyed painting the knights(no real heraldry apart from the bishop of Durham, and my interpretation of the banner of St Cuthbert, all banners hand painted :P). May be tempted to get some later knights. Hope you like them.
Take care, have a great week
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Steve J


Nice work - which codes are these figures?
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Thanks for the feedback guys its much appreciated. Fred, the codes for the mounted knights are EMM1, Foot command EMM3, Spearmen EMM4 hope that helps
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Quote from: seano1815 on 23 February 2014, 07:28:57 PM
all banners hand painted  :P

:o :o :o I had assumed they were commerially produced as they looked too good to be printed
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Great work, Seano. Some of the heraldry does seem vaguely familiar though.  :-\
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Thanks for the feedback guys as always much appreciated, yes heraldry is loosely based on some real ones  well spotted Hertsblue :D, Thanks Paulr but I always try to make my own flags some I buy all part of the fun 8-}
Take care