AWI Mounted Generals,

Started by Dazza, 04 June 2010, 07:39:58 PM

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12 days to go,  we looking good for September or a slight slip until later ?

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Glad to see mounted General's. Any chance you will be doing American Dragoon's to go with the British Dragoon's you already have,would love to do Guilford Courthouse.Old  Glory makes Continental Dragoon's but they are to small and are not as nice as Pendraken.I love all the stuff you Guy's do I'm a yank and buy primarily Pendraken,Magister Militium keep up the stunning work. :)


How much difference is there between American dragoons and British dragoons?  Aren't they pretty much the same uniform but different color and same helmets?


True Jagger: The 1st.&3rd the peak is rounded with no crest,2nd & 4th are relatively the same the continental's all have peak's on the cap's. These are all small item's and the nice thing about 10's is there small enough to forego the fine detail. Thank's for the insight I don't modify my game miniature's as much as the 54mm & 77mm figure's I do. It was nice chatting!
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At some point, I would like to see some dismounted dragoons.