Corgi diecast BA Hawks - scale?

Started by Sunray, 10 December 2020, 12:37:04 PM

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Corgi do two models of the Red Arrows Hawk.  the bigger model is 1/72.   The other looks more like "fit the box" but may be close to 1/150 (10mm) .

With a paint job they would be useful for modern/bush war close support/COIN.  Does anyone know the approx scale for Corgii Red Arrows Hawk model number CS90687 ?


Umm,  saw an image of the Corgi - it was about 10cm.  In 1/144 scale it would be about 8cm.  Pity the box was so big!


I have two of their Lancs for Blood Red Skies, in "fit the box scale"; they're a bit riddle for BRS as I think they work out at @ 1/250 but it's close enough.

No idea on the Hawk, sorry, but the Lance are @3.5" long with a shade under 5" wing span and fitted snug "diagonally" in the plastic if thee we helps you judge!
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