Show: Crisis, Antwerp

Started by Leon, 18 September 2013, 03:09:05 AM

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I saw that one, looked absolutely spiffing!  :-bd


Quote from: Leon on 15 November 2013, 03:39:33 AM
And a bonus shot capturing a couple of our Forum members:

Aw, you got me!

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Albie Bach

Great looking game.
Boer War looks interesting.  :-\
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A very good looking table ! :-bd
Most impressive.
Cheers - Phil.

Duke Speedy of Leighton

That is really really impressive, well done gents.  :-bd
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Ace of Spades

Thanks folks, it was a true pleasure!
The 'Battles for Empire' rules worked pretty well too and we got all we need to expand our British forces to cover the NWF now as well...
Looks like we'll have to be at Crisis next year again! :D

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That is a great looking Boer War table, nicely done  8)