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Started by Bunny, 01 May 2013, 07:51:30 AM

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Hi All,

I have just added some pictures of my ACW Confederates to my blog, feel free to look and comment.




Great Job Bunny... They look great...might have to dig mine out...i'm stuck in the painting doldrums ;)


I've got some to paint, so this was timely for inspiration.

Could maybe fit it between the 1940 lot I'm currently doing, and the Korean War that I'm planning. Just waiting for Pendraken to release ... something or other.  :-\

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Really love the mass effect and how you've varied the colours. They look good 4 on a 30mm width.
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Hi Guys, sorry the is nothing new on the 10mm front.....There is however lots of 15mm, including the reason for no 10mm my Ottoman Army for late renaissance and 'Maurice Rules' era.

They are a work in progress as I am painting whilst at work.

The finished articles will be be posted once home and based.



You've mispelled the URL for your blog, Bunny. The one at the start of the thread is the right one.

Love the 15mm Ottomans. Always a great favourite of mine. Are the wheels on the guns authentic? I've never seen any like that before.  :-\
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Sorry about the URL in he latest post...

Not sure about the guns being authentic but that is what the minis company provided and I do like the look!  I'm just finishing off he 5th lot of 12 cavalry, so nearly complete.