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I have some Pendraken-related posts on my blog which can be found here:

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Comments and feedback welcome, especially on the blog, as nobody has yet left any!


Yay - first comment for me then!  :)

Nice blog  :)


Yep !
Very nice blog.
Cheers - Phil.


Aart Brouwer

Yay, another Crossfire addict.

We're getting a little thin on the ground, but Crossfire is still the most inspiring WW II ruleset.

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Duke Speedy of Leighton

Crossfire is brilliant, until the point no one can move without triggering a massive amount of shots! We found it often bogged down and there was no resolution, and other times a platoon would 'go Holywood' and do all sorts of things you would never expect them to do under massive amounts of firepower! ;D
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Hi Mad Lemmey

Crossfire can bog down into fire-fights. You need to get the terrain right in the first place and know when to pull back and infiltrate elsewhere. Smoke is also very useful for maintaining fluidity. I haven't encountered any unbelievable Hollywood exploits, but as this is a very low level game perhaps there should be room for them. Military memoirs seem to be full of exploits that are rarely encountered in games!