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Started by Patch_G, 18 February 2013, 06:50:30 PM

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Couldn't post on your blog so sneaking a question in here; what did you use for the ariels? I've been after some for vehicles and radio ops guys for ages but didn't know what to get. Cheers!

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I use the spare off cut of a draft excluder for an interior door. Basically it is black nylon bristles, about 2cm long. These super glue quite easily to models, especially if there is a small hole. I glue them on, then cut them to length once the glue has set - its much easier to get the length right this way round, rather than trying to cut them to length first.

Some Shermans

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I think that the question of Path_G,  is for me, by the title of this post, but i'm sorry i can't answer your question, because i don't put any aerial in no model of the you can see in this forum, and neither i've make aerials for this scale. But  fred 12df has explain it perfetly.


Another option is to use a cut bristle from a worn household hand brush it's what I have on my tanks and infantry, mounting them is a pain but well worth it


Old shaving brushes, if anyone uses such a thing any more, are also a good source of arials.
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