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Started by Leon, 01 February 2013, 12:08:00 AM

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01 February 2013, 12:08:00 AM Last Edit: 01 February 2013, 12:17:12 AM by Leon
Please put your entries for the Vehicle category in this thread.  

Conditions: Single vehicle, on or off a base.

This thread is for entries only, if you would like to comment on the entries, please start a discussion thread.  Please enter each entry as a separate post, just to make it easier to keep track of them when it comes to judging!

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Note: The runner-up in this category will also receive their choice of an electronic edition/PDF of either HAVOC, The Battlefield, or my new game!

Good luck to everyone!

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ma modeste participation dans cette catégorie!!!

tête de convoi, Normandie 44

bonne chance à tous!!! :) :)
je suis contre les femmes............tout contre!!!!

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Wonkey Donkeys

07 February 2013, 11:06:39 PM #4 Last Edit: 08 February 2013, 10:20:04 AM by Leon
My first effort-modified the original  not sure if I should base or not anyone got any suggestions? :-\

EDIT: Pics resized.

Matt J

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17 February 2013, 08:47:07 PM #6 Last Edit: 17 February 2013, 10:08:59 PM by Leon
here is my "Vehicle Category" entry. A german WWII Flakpanzer 38t 20mmAA.

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American tank Stuart Honey with winter camouflage, in 1944.


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25 February 2013, 06:04:04 PM #9 Last Edit: 25 February 2013, 06:25:35 PM by Leon
Russian T34/85


25 February 2013, 09:46:11 PM #10 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 01:43:12 AM by Leon
M15 halftrack 37mm AA, 2 x .5cal HMG

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25 February 2013, 11:25:38 PM #11 Last Edit: 26 February 2013, 01:36:23 AM by Leon
M12 GMC 155mm gun

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Not all that happy with my first entry, so here is a second  ;)

Churchill crocodile:


And 3rd vehicle just because i like this one so much:

Camouflagd bren carrier


27 February 2013, 08:41:41 PM #14 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 01:43:48 AM by Leon
Hello again everyone. Here is my entry for the vehicles category - my last for this competition I think. It's a German Hetzer tank hunter from the Second World War.

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