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Started by Leon, 01 February 2013, 12:05:56 AM

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01 February 2013, 12:05:56 AM Last Edit: 01 February 2013, 12:17:30 AM by Leon
Please put your entries for the Mounted category in this thread.  

Conditions: Min: 3 / Max: 10 figures on a single base, and pre-1900.

This thread is for entries only, if you would like to comment on the entries, please start a discussion thread.  Please enter each entry as a separate post, just to make it easier to keep track of them when it comes to judging!

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Good luck to everyone!

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Hi people, here is my entry. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to paint up something especially for this competition so I took a part of a unit from my existing armies (all painted between July 2012 and now).

Here we got a formation of Imperial Croat light cavalry from the Thirty Years' War. Feared for their reputation of savagery against foe and local population alike, the highly skilled Croat horsemen were common term for several kinds of light and irregular cavalry from the Balkans and eastern Europe and played an important role in the Imperial armies of the period. They were used as horse skirmishers, scouts but occasionally as battle cavalry as well.

Hope that you like them!


Hi, here is my mounted entry, well the first one,

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16 February 2013, 08:07:02 AM #3 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 01:18:04 AM by Leon
How about some sci-fi liizardman cavalry?


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old hunter

24 February 2013, 04:52:10 PM #5 Last Edit: 24 February 2013, 05:10:34 PM by Leon
here is my work for the " mounted category "
Celtic knights in exploration.


Old Chilly-arch

26 February 2013, 02:15:21 PM #6 Last Edit: 27 February 2013, 04:34:50 AM by Leon
Knight - Day and night


26 February 2013, 07:55:19 PM #7 Last Edit: 26 February 2013, 07:57:16 PM by petercooman
acw unioin cavalry command


Danish Guard Hussar 1st Schleswig-Holstein War


27 February 2013, 10:04:49 PM #9 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 01:19:04 AM by Leon
War of Spanish Succession Cuirassiers

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Matt J

French Hussars! 8th Regiment de Hussards
1809 french Hussars, some minor conversion work

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28 February 2013, 12:28:24 AM #12 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 01:19:26 AM by Leon
Seleucid elephants conversion.

Leon, please if you think this entry is not suitable for this category feel free to move it to a more suitable one.


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Hi Folks

This is my first attempt at painting 10mm and also my first ever competition entry  :-[

Despite being over 40, i've only got into metal figures in the last 18 months or so!

Greek Heavy Cavalry


28 February 2013, 01:24:22 PM #14 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 06:10:10 PM by Leon
3rd Continental Dragoons

Gotta say, whomever sculpted these did an awesome job!!!

EDIT: Pics resized.