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Started by Leon, 01 February 2013, 12:15:12 AM

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You're just a pathetic
bunch of tin soldiers,
skulking around the
galaxy in an ancient

old hunter

27 February 2013, 08:13:20 PM #32 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 03:33:48 AM by Leon
This is my last entry for competition Pendraken 2013;
category "Army category"
"League of Augsburg", a division of Allied infantry, (1 rgt.Danish granadiers, 1 rgt. dutch granadiers, 1 rgt. English Riflemesn ,1 rgt.English granadiersi , 1 rgt. Hannoverian Riflemens ) in deployment, moving to engage the enemy.

ps. trees, fencees, walls, all done manually; separate discussion for banners, painted on rice paper, show the transparency of the silk, the material used were manufactured iin the Renaissance, also come as close as possible to the rangeof the miniatures, with regard to the thickness.

Steve J

27 February 2013, 10:07:34 PM #33 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 02:17:25 AM by Leon
British Union of Fascists battlegroup for the AVBCW setting, using BKC rules.

The overall battlegroup.

The CO unit and sniper in support.

BUF company being led by its HQ unit.

Armoured support units pass a mortar dug in at number 3 Acacia Avenue.

A Panzer I column passes by an MG unit.


28 February 2013, 06:37:51 AM #34 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 06:05:25 PM by Leon
SYW Austrians with Bavarian Allies for Maurice


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28 February 2013, 09:26:17 AM #36 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 06:07:04 PM by Leon
Polish Commonwealth Army

First four pictures of post entitled Productive Month dated 9th October for entry only!

Have tried allsorts to upload the photos all to no avail, and without access to a camera or the original pics posting direct from my blog. Piss poor planning on my part so fishing for sympathy votes ;) :-[ ;)

EDIT: Pics added.
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A stubborn old mule creates a traffic jam -- French going in all directions at the Battle of Abensberg, 1809.

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O Dinas Powys

28 February 2013, 05:26:40 PM #38 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 05:50:27 PM by O Dinas Powys
Follow the following procedures and victory is assured.

Secure the exit: there may be big-jobs around, you never know when we might need to bug out!

Deploy scouts to reconnoitre the battlefield and instal perimeter sensory capabilities!

Neutralise the enemy heavy-weapons!

Result: Total Battlefield Dominance!

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28 February 2013, 09:15:15 PM #39 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 11:31:20 PM by Leon
War of Spanish Succession British and French armies, deployed for battle

The British open fire, while the converged grenadiers advance

The French counter-attack

The British Artillery before the battle

The French cavalry
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28 February 2013, 11:37:01 PM #40 Last Edit: 28 February 2013, 11:37:59 PM by Leon
French Dragoons and Austrian Chevaux-Leger

If I do this competition in the future I must not try to put the flags on and take photos just before the competition ends. ~X( PHEW  :-[ :)


And that's all folks, we are now closed for entries!  Thanks to everyone who has entered this year, we hope you all enjoyed taking part as much as we've enjoyed watching these fantastic entries coming in!  The judges will now take a few days to go through all the entries and come back with their verdicts! 

The results will be announced on Wednesday 6th March at 6pm!

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