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Started by Leon, 01 February 2013, 12:02:19 AM

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01 February 2013, 12:02:19 AM Last Edit: 01 February 2013, 12:18:10 AM by Leon
Please put your entries for the Foot (Pre-20th C.) category in this thread.  

Conditions: Min: 3 / Max: 16 figures on a single base, and pre-1900.

This thread is for entries only, if you would like to comment on the entries, please start a discussion thread.  Please enter each entry as a separate post, just to make it easier to keep track of them when it comes to judging!

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Good luck to everyone!

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Heres my entry for the pre 20th C Category, painted this week specially for the competition. Hand painted flag finished this afternoon  :D


TinyTerrain Models
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Hi people, here is my entry. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to paint up something especially for this competition so I took a part of a unit from my existing armies (all painted between July 2012 and now).

Here we got a formation of Dragoons from the Thirty Years' War. Obviously they are dismounted (or never got any horses in the first place!). Against type and period, those guys wear uniforms which either stems from the fact that the regiment belongs to a wealthy colonel or they were paid in bales of cloth recently. Note the drum and the  plume I added to the officer's helmet.

Hope that you like them!


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Hi all, here is the first of my entries, got to work on my photography though,

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Andreas Hofer

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Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer


14 February 2013, 02:27:00 AM #7 Last Edit: 14 February 2013, 01:57:59 PM by Leon
Hello everyone. My entry for the Foot, pre-20th century category is a set of 16 Late Roman armored infantry. Shields and banner are hand painted. Thanks! - James

(Edit - Dangit, didn't intend to make these pictures so big, sorry about that.....)

EDIT: Pics resized.
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Andreas Hofer


17 February 2013, 07:36:11 PM #9 Last Edit: 17 February 2013, 10:11:47 PM by Leon
Here is my" Foot - Pre 20th C" entry. AWI Highlander unit.

All the best.

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2011 Painting Competition - 2 x Runner-Up!
2012 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!


2011 Painting Competition - 2 x Runner-Up!
2012 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!

comte de foix

Here is my entry : the command base of the 79th New York Volunteers, the Highanders of the Union army.