Pics from Crisis!

Started by Leon, 07 November 2012, 05:09:43 AM

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Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

What does annoy me - the Russian fleet in Distopian Wars is un-painted - as a DISPLAY at a major show.....

IanS  >:( >:( >:( >:(
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I was at crisis helping a friend with a boardgame  company, and it was her first attendance to crisis.  Before she always had some pre-orders and came by to delivr  them, but having a 15ft booth was something new.  Sales were not bad, and her overhead is lower than when coming from Blighty, but still she thought it was rather slow as well: not much more than last year's pre-orders.  Whether that means that Crisis is not the show for boardgames - onle she and Holger from Essen sold boardgames this year - or whether it just was a slow year, it's hard to tell.  We had a lot of club people head over, but I too had the impression there were many lookers and less buyers.  The fact that we visited Spiel Essen a few weeks earlier probably didn't help.

I know that I spent less than last year, and more spread out as well, plus I spent half a day in the bring and sell to generate some much needed extra cash, after going slightly overboard  in Essen a few weeks earlier.  Still, one obvious thing is that there is way more room in this new hall, maybe it will fill up, metropolis tended to be so crowded...  TSA needs to make more publicity I think, this has the potential to become a really big show, but then it needs the numbers.  I also think that 10 mm is still  a rather marginal thing in the Benelux, and you guys would do well  to have a few games up, in different styles, to illustrate how it hits the sweet spot for tabletop.
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