2nd Division wotr finished

Started by seano1815, 14 October 2012, 08:42:32 PM

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Oxfords division, hope you like them.
All the best


They look pretty good - though a bit hard to tell with the dark photos.

I think the white table may be confusing the camera's light meter and making the pictures darker. Either try a more neutral colour under the figures, or see if your camera can override the auto-exposure to make the exposure longer.
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Looking very good...
But I'll go along with Fred's comments re the photo's.
(Says someone whose photos are nothing to write home about ! :-[)
Cheers - Phil


Yeah, I like them too (and the Union unit that comes with them). You might try shooting them outdoors in daylight.  :)
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Thanks for the comments guys its much appreciated... i haven't got a camera just my phone, but i'll try to improve the lighting the next time.
all the best