More. Dungeon pieces please.

Started by Baz11979, 16 August 2012, 10:50:58 AM

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Hi all

I have been a role play for many years I stopped a while back and restarted a month or two ago and have been looking and building my collection again but found 25mm to b very expense until I stumbled on pendraken and there dungeon scenery which is very good and perfect price however I think that more could be done e.g
Circular rooms
Traps to put in your dungeons
Cave complexes
Inn floors with bar
And much much more.
There is not much in this scale which I think a lot more people would do if there where more options.

What do u think :D


I'd be in for more dungeon parts. Round, hexagonal, bigger rooms, etc



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O Dinas Powys

(I know, even though it's fantasy  :o  ;)  )