20th Birthday Parade (pic heavy)

Started by nikharwood, 14 July 2012, 11:43:33 PM

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14 July 2012, 11:43:33 PM Last Edit: 15 July 2012, 09:04:34 AM by nikharwood
Seeing as how I couldn't be there today, I decided that I would conduct a review of the Harwood Pendraken household troops - painted ones only...they wouldn't all fit on the table at once  :d

This is everything from medievals to sci-fi - something like this (& I forgot to get out the air support)

Medieval Crusaders
Medieval Arabs
ECW - both sides
SYW - Austrians & Prussians
Napoleonics - British & French
ACW - both sides
SCW - both sides
AVBCW - Brigands, BUF, Royalists
WW2 British & German North Africa
WW2 US Army, US Airborne [D Day] & Germans NWE
WW2 Italians [Sicily]
WW2 Germans & Russians [Winter]
WWW2.5 US & Germans
Vietnam: US, Aussies, NVA & VC
Fantasy / Pulp / Cthulhu - based for dungeoneering / skirmishing
Sci-fi: Human Colonial force, Tripods, Colonial Marines & Aliens

No apologies whatsoever for the abundance of pics  ;)

Stand by your beds...

Count Belisarius

Is that all?

Very impressive collection!

Duke Speedy of Leighton

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General Bt Sherman

Wargame or Die!

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Steve J

For a minute I thought you had set up for a game of 40K :o ;).

Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

Quote David Niven at the end of 55 days, "And all playing different tunes".

Very impressive.

IanS  ;D
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Good grief !
What a display !
Cheers - Phil.