What's everyone else up to?

Started by Leon, 14 July 2012, 03:24:35 AM

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For those who couldn't make it along to the Birthday Bash, let us know if you're celebrating at your end, and what you're doing!  Plus pics!

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I thought I was going to be in Florida catching fish during the birthday bash. Instead, I'll be at home painting.

Steve J

The aim is to have a game of BKCII this afternoon/this evening. Still not sure whether to go the Balkans 1941 with Greeks vs Italians or some more AVBCW fun. Another option is a bit of a 'What if?' game with the Italians taking part in Operation Sealion. Still a few hours yet to make up my mind :).


Friday night - basing up some minis

Today - cricket tournament this morning/afternoon (if it ever stops raining... :d)

Tonight - neighbours Garden Party  I-)

Sunday morning - Cricket coaching (if it ever stops raining... :d)

Sunday evening - catch up with the Rugby League  ;)

Have fun chaps :)
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Frank Carson


Camping at weston super mare for the weekend with my wife.
It is wet and windy but we have an ancient Hymer motorhome which keeps us dry


No firm plans as yet - but likely to include making a start on painting my FPW French...and definitely some battling later - just can't decide what to play!


Miner's Gala in Durham to celebrate the Labour Movement, and listen to a speech by Ed Milliband and Chami Chakrabati.

Followed by a cleaning blitz on the house.

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Aart Brouwer

Painting minis, a room in my house, and myself into a corner financially by mailing a huge Pendraken order.

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Out to dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law's 21st (!!!???) birthday for the umpteenth time.  :D
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Recovering from 1am return from a wedding reception
Tomorrow at local Wargame show

Duke Speedy of Leighton

My families orders of priority this fould day.
Me: Ordering FPW, basing FPW, playing FPW.
Imogen: Leighton Buzzard Carnival (if dry)
Jo: Shopping and sleeping (her first night out with the girls last night since Rachel was born)
Rachel: Sleep, eat and cry!
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Will Summer EVER arrive. ;D ;D
Feeding and dealing with all the animals....(No change there then.)
Trying to log in to the 'live feed'.
Cursing the fact that I'm not there.....You lucky few !

Cheers - Phil

Syr Hobbs

Heading South to my Grandmother's 99th birthday and a bit later driving through the Wilson Creek ACW Battle site.  I hope to take some pictures if actually get a chance to get to the park.



Shopping in town...Oh the joys
If I were creating Pendraken I wouldn't mess about with Romans and  Mongols  I would have started with Centurions , eight o'clock, Day One!


Finished some 1/300 planes that had been on the desk for far to long. Time for some Pendraken goodies next!
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