Preview of Birthday-Bash figure

Started by clibinarium, 10 June 2012, 04:57:51 PM

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Duke Speedy of Leighton

Add it to the catalogue, he's too good not to have on general demand, maybe a s a 'limited edition' (GW parlance for add a tenner to the price)...  ;)
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Definitely worth putting on general sale, and nothing to do with the fact I won't be able to make the bash but still want one :d

Excellent work Clib :-bd




Another vote to make it available for regular sales. He would go well with my AWI armies. But alas as I'm in the states I can't attend the birthday bash...


Nice figure, do great as a general purpose general.  remember to feature his wooden false teeth! :D
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Ben Waterhouse

Lovely figure, which I would certainly want to be able to buy..

(Don't like limited editions generally - bit Evil Empire to my mind, usual YMMV though.)


I'd be in for one, if they are for sale.

Syr Hobbs

An outstanding cast.  Now to second mortgage our home to fly across the pond.  I've just started 10mm ACW (first three test figures finished) and was eyeing AWI.  Adding General Wasington to the catalog would be great.  Oh and Happy Birthday, 20 years is amazing.



Add him to the catalogue, he is just too good to be enjoyed only by the privileged few!  And commission a few more of these "personalities".

Happy Birthday!

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It would be a shame not to include it in the catalog, after the amount of work Clib has put into it !  :'(


And here's George on his rather spiffing new plinth!

We'll be supplying both in the Bash goodie bags, and then folk have got the choice of painting him up properly to use in their AWI games, or stick him on the plinth and use him as the centrepiece in a village/town.

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That's really rather spiffy !
Cheers - Phil.


Excellent! I really dig the plinth!




Please please add him to the catalogue for those of us too far away to come to the bash.  I so want him for my Maurice AWI force.


Me too, cannot make bash as clashes with a family do, but do need him for my AWI force.


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