Siege trenches

Started by lentulus, 05 June 2012, 01:22:49 PM

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Have a look at the attached picture.  It shows the process of building a trench - note the fully constructed section with the gabions on the defenders side, crowned with fascines and the spill on the fortress side.

This would make a nice set of resin fieldworks -- fairly long completed sections which can be assembled into the trenches and "head of sap" sections.  The shield on wheels can be kitbashed from a limber.  You already have the sappers, although a kneeling chap with a shovel would be nice for the head of the sap.

So, two packs, one with long straight sections, and the other with a sap head, kneeling sapper and rolling shield.

Because the works were always straight sections facing the enemy there is no need for corners, or for full fixed-width trenches in the WWI style.

There are no real competitors in 10mm.  Langton makes some very nice ACW works, but they are wood-plank lined rather than gabions and have header logs in the ACW style -- they are firing positions not siege works.  WWI/II trenches are easy enough to find, but are quite different animals defending against a different sort of attack.

I have filed this under 18th Century, but they are good from the 17th (at the latest) through to at least the Crimean War.

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The trenches would probably do for 1870 1871 siege of Paris too!
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I don't think they would become obsolete until the sandbag became cheaper than the gabion.


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