"Against the Green Skinz" Dungeon Bat Rep June 2011

Started by Stormcrow, 19 April 2012, 07:04:43 PM

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This is part two of our Dungeon Campaign,played out by myself and my friend John. I guess you could say, it more of a Highlight reel, without the Dice throws. Yet we played this adventure several times, with many different outcomes. We have a few House rulez in this scenerio. Heroes get to carry one or two Healing surges, as this is a campaign, and can share with other characters if adjacent to them. The health points were really scenerio based in this game, as our Amazon Princess, once rescued, started out with the bare minimum of health. John who was playing the "Good Guyz" kept "Ganandorf" our wizard as reserve, choosing to Teleport him into the fray at the final moments. This tactic only worked once, as bad Dice rolls, kept him out of the game. I chose to show that in this video, because it was quite Heroic when it happened and swung the ending completely his way, which was so cool and Movie like. I always feel, as a Dungeon master,or Guy who plays the "Bad Guyz" I never want to wipe out the Heroes completely, just be a thorn in their side. And during these campagins, it just adds to longer play, and Interesting conclusions.

Thankyou so much for watching Pendrakens, it means alot as always. The Dungeon sets are such a pleasure to own, and so worth every penny. The Horizons are very much endless.

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Thats really cool... only just spotted this would you believe (been busy moving and stuff the last while). A lot of work went into this batrep; its really well done.

Nice one   8)


A very good little movie and fantasic presentation of the figures and the game.
V V enjoyable!  :)