1809 Napoleonics

Started by wonderer18, 14 May 2012, 06:30:04 PM

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Hi Leon , i have got some of the 1809 , French and Austrians , could you give us an update regarding future releases . I'am looking for French elite infantry in greatcoat , as well as German confederation . Austrian cav . When you said about doing some British ? what period of the war ?.

Are you considering re vamping other Napoleonic nations ?.

A fair few questions , but i have a self interest i want to buy lots  !.



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Austrian Cav are done and waiting to be moulded, so they shouldn't be too far away.  Same for the artillery, we've got the bits, just need to mould them.

Once the Austrians are done, we'll be heading over to the Brits for a short while, just enough to give people enough to game with, before continuing finishing off the original French 1809 lists.

Once all that's done, we'll come back and expand the Brits, and probably continue into the Peninsular stuff.
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Cool , many thanks Leon , i think a brick of miniatures will be coming my way .........................HEHEHEHE.



Hi Leon really just asking for an update .
Any chance of the French line elite companies in great coats .

Would also like to see more variation of French line officers , and possibly standard bearer for second battalions onwards .




I believe Techno's elite line infantry in great coat (http://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php/topic,4908.90.html) has made it to Leon and is somewhere in the cue.