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Here are a couple of good wargames scenario pages for some of the more popular rule sets. All can probably be converted to your own needs and rules with a little work. I will add to this topic as I find new sources.

10 Fire and Fury scenarios by Allan Wright   

55 scenarios covering many different eras and rules sets from the Ottawa Miniature Gamers

50 or more world war two scenarios written by Bob Mackenzie, mainly for Command Decision but includes other rule sets including A Very British Civil War

23 Napoleonic scenarios in a very well presented pdf format written for Age of Eagles by the Age of Eagles Grognard of York Pennsylvania. The site also contains useful terrain modelling tips

35 Napoleonic scenarios written by Rafael Pardo for “Napoleon’s Battles”. All the scenarios are very detailed and include maps, oob’s, command base labels and prepared play charts.       

27 ACW scenarios for Fire and Fury, and other acw rules.

80 or more scenarios from penned by Keith McNelly covering many different theatres. Written mainly for Volley and Bayonet, Spearhead and Modern Spearhead rules, tThe scenarios are separated into different gaming eras so you have to navigate around the site to get to them. Includes scenarios for the Second Schleswig War and Franco Prussian War.


Very nice wargamesbob - thanks for these  8)


Here’s another 130+ downloadable scenarios mainly covering Napoleonic and WW2 battles, but with a smattering of the more exotic. I’ve tried all of links listed on these pages  and in the main they all connect. I apologise for not having link checked the two Fire and Fury scenario  pages that I listed previously, everything was in place ten years ago when I first downloaded from them! I shall try to locate these missing links and post them to this topic thread when I find them again.

11 Napoleonic scenarios on a new site for TFL’s Le Feu Sacre.

11 Napoleonic scenarios for LaSalle. written by Rafael Pardo

8 historical and 3 fictitious scenarios for Napoleon’s Battles

36 Scenarios for Grande Armee. Seven by Tod Creasey, the rest by various authors, all conveniently grouped into introductory/small, medium and large scenarios.

4 WW2 skirmish, 4 SCW and 2 Spearhead scenarios together with a collection of home brewed rules and an AK47 adaptation for the SCW

40 or so scenarios and 5 campaigns for Crossfire. Mainly WW2 but includes 7 SCW and some scenario ideas for the 1948 Arab Israeli War along with house rules and variants. The front pag of this site is a little messy but the scenarios themselves are well presented.

18 generic WW2 scenarios for Crossfire and a host of other useful stuff from Nikolas Lloyd.

Don’t forget too that Yahoo have dedicated rules discussion groups most of which have scenario downloads penned by their subscribers. Visit and register with Yahoo groups and then type in the name of the rules that you are looking for in the search box.

I’ll add another batch of sites next week. Bob

Aart Brouwer

And the list goes on. Great service to the community, wargamesbob.

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Next batch:
A nice crop of 24 well presented scenarios from the Wyre Forest Gamers Club. Sixteen scenarios written for the Fire and Fury variant “Fire and Fury Francese”: Eight  for the war of 1866; Three for the Italian War of 1859; Three for the Franco-Prussian War; one Crimean War and one fictitious ACW intervention. Additionally eight scenarios for the Great Northern War written for the Polemos rules set.
Apart from the scenarios, the club pages offer a wealth of additional useful information for wargaming in the mid- nineteenth century and other periods
Click on “Battle scenarios” or “Great Northern War” in top menu bar to access scenarios
6 ACW scenarios by Scott Mingus  for Johnny Reb III

4 DBMM scenarios: Sambra (57BC), Cynocephalae (197BC), Dorylaeum (1097AD) and Varna (1444AD).
Click on resources in the left hand menu and select scenarios

Just two scenarios from the SOTCW. One is a Ap Bac 1963 Vietnam, the other Collecchio 1945, is an unusual Brazillian vs Germans scenario in Italy                         
22 scenarios from League of Augsburg comprising of:
2 Glorious revolution, 3 Napoleonic for Republic to Empire, 3 Huge multiplayer nap scenarios, 14 WW2 mainly GHQ micro armour
You have to navigate through the various sub folders to find the scenarios many of which are split into multiple files.

84 scenarios for Flames of Wars:
13 campaigns, 53 historical missions, 3 official missions and 15 unofficial missions from the Flames of War home pages. Navigate through “Hobby” and “Missions” to get to the list which are all downloadable as professionally presented and photo illustrated pdf files. The site contains a wealth of other information tailored to FOW and WW2 gaming. You do not have to register with them to download files.                                                                           

28 scenarios for Panzer wars and 4 naval scenarios for Seas of War. Twenty four of the Panzer Wars scenarios are in the zip file “Joes scenarios”. The Panzer Wars scenarios are downloadable from the home page. For the naval scenarios click on the “Seas of war” tab

3x Great Northern War; 1x ACW, 1xFPW scenario from Baccus for the Polemos rules set.. Click on the Era box on the home page and then on the “scenario” link 

20 scenarios for Rapid Fire, Command Decision and TTG Firefight, presented by the SOTCW Includes one large and six Firefight skirmish scenarios for the Falklands


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Another batch of two hundred free scenarios. All links have been checked and are sound. Two of the sites are more awkward than in previous posts. One takes the form of a blog but does contain oobs and sufficient detail to construct working scenarios. The other is a flash site and I cannot work out how to download these files - perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can throw some light on this problem. The rest are OK though being a mix of web pages and pdf files.

23 scenarios for the Panzer 8 series two page wargames rules which are  available as a free download on this site. These scenarios together with three ww2 naval scenarios, and can be found by clicking on the “WW2" category. Seven modern and two  modern aircraft are in the “modern” category, All of these scenarios are  in blog format so you will need to cut and paste the necessary information and determine the terrain map from the photos. Additionally ten WW1 scenarios are downloadable in a single zip file on the homepage.

23 scenarios from Simon MacDowall’s wargames page “Legio wargames”. 14 ancient, 2 medieval, 5 eighteenth century and 2ACW.   These are flash files and cannot be downloaded - well maybe they can, I’m just not sure how to do it! Plenty of other interesting articles on this site too.

37 scenarios from the Napoleonic miniatures society of Toronto. Battles and campaign notes from Napoleon’s 1796-7 campaign in Italy (12 scenarios); the 1805 Prussian campaign (9 scenarios) and the 1806 Prussian campaign (11 scenarios, so far). Also the War of 1812 (3 land and 2 naval scenarios so far) All very well detailed and presented.

16 or so large micro armour WW2 scenarios written for command decision 2 on the WW2 micro wargaming web page   

38 Napoleonic and war of 1812 scenarios for La Salle from the “Honour scenarios Wiki”          
16  Scenarios for Rapid fire from the Rapid Fire homepages  grouped into Normandy and NW Europe (eight) Mediterranean and North Africa (4) Pacific and Far East (1) and Eastern front (3). All as downloadable pdfs

2 scenarios for the French wars of religion (Dreux and St Denis)

3 19th century scenarios. Two for Garibaldi at Calatafimi and Mentana. And one for the 1862 French Mexican conflict at Cinco de Mayo - Puebla. These are listed half way down the left hand menu bar.

17 ancient and 4 medieval scenarios grouped into small medium and large battles, written for Vis Bellica. Click on "scenarios" in the left hand menu bar

20 ACW scenarios for Fire and Fury. Each scenario comprises of two separate files containing oobs and deployment map, one each for the confederate and union forces.

Duke Speedy of Leighton

Volley & Bayonet site has loads on the left bar (I use the FPW extensively), huge amount of C18th and C19th Orbats!:
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Beat you to it Lemmy, last entry of the first post. A great site and one which I have kept a keen eye on for many years now.


Another batch of scenarios, 508 in total this time, from DBA ancients to Modern Spearhead and much in between. A few oddities, a few gems and a lot of inspiration. Enjoy...

5 scenarios for Modern spearhead from Jake Collins.

126  Scenarios for Battlefront: 10 early war, 19 eastern front, 8 Mediterranean and N. Africa , 39 NW Europe breakout, 10 NW Europe Market Garden etc,  8 Bulge and Germany,  19 Pacific and Far East, 10 Burma and , 6 Post war from Fire and

3 ACW and 1 Paraguayan 1864 Scenarios for Fire and Fury Regimental from Fire and

22 well presented  scenarios for Great War Spearhead on Robin Sutton’s “The Great Adventure” website together a useful resources section Three of the scenarios can be found by clicking on the links in the “after action reports” section, the rest the balance can be found by clicking the “scenarios” tab 

9 fictional colonial scenarios/battle reports using “The Sword and the Flame” on the “Amazing Adventures of the Red Shadow” website by Ian Croxall.  Click on the icon “the games” at the bottom of the page to bring you to the scenarios page. Much other useful information on colonial uniforms and affairs on this interesting site.

13 Napoleonic skirmish scenarios for the rules set Capitan on “The Napoleonic Wargames blog. Click on “Scenarios” on the top menu bar to access the list. The site has a good collection of uniform links too.

76 battles of the Seven Years War. Whilst not scenarios in their own right each description has full oobs and copy of contemporary deployment maps plus full description.  Click on”battles” in the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen to access the information.    

86 scenarios from GHQ mico armour for their own rule sets.   35 for WW2 micro armour; 13 for Wehrmacht ‘47 micro armour; 14 for  modern micro armour; 11 for micronauts naval and 13 ACW for their ACW micro force 10mm rules. Most are fictitious but the ACW and micronauts scenarios are historical. All available as one click pdf downloads.  A note of caution when downloading, the scenarios in each section are numbered sequentially so the first micro armour scenario is #1 but so is the first scenario in each other section so you will have to rename them as soon as they are downloaded or you will overwrite what you have already taken.

24 eighteenth century scenarios for Might and Reason all in pdf format

4 scenarios for DBMM. Cliock on resources, then scenarios for the downloads. Note that three of the scenario s are two part downloads.

140 scenarios for DBA.   5 chariot/bronze age;  56 Classical period; 13 Dark ages;  45 Early medieval to middle ages and 21 ahistorical scenarios. Not as glamorous as some of the other sites mentioned so far but a useful resource never-the-less.

May the dice be with you...

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Say that again. I have quite a collection of bookmarks, but they're all in wargamesbob's lists - and a lot more besides. Magnificent.

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Another 195 scenarios, a right old mix this time! and eight campaigns for various eras...

7 scenarios for pre-dreadnought naval combat 1898-1905  using Battlefleet 1900 naval wargame rules

9 scenarios for “Quickfire”  pre-dreadnought naval combat rules

24 scenarios for “Days of Knights” a rules set covering the high middle ages, from 1250 AD to 1500 AD by Ken Blackley.

10 scenarios for Ark of Fire WW2 skirmish rules and suitable for most skirmish rules of this period. Well presented pdf files for very small scale actions 

3 colonial scenarios: Rourke’s Drift, Raid on Sualco and Dabormida's Brigade together with a full colonial campaign “Fire and Sword in the Sudan”.

6  Near future scenarios, by Robert M Line,  for Full Thrust SF rules ( all a bit baffling to me I must admit)

11 historical scenarios for Russian conflicts between 1914 and 1923 for The Perfect Captain’s “Red Actions” rules ( on the “Pygmy wars” web pages of Mark Plant, three of the scenarios penned by Richard Clarke. Much other useful information for this wargaming period is also on the site.

4 naval scenarios from different eras and one modern naval campaign on David Manley’s web page.

5 scenarios and 5 mini campaigns for WW2 naval warfare using the “General Quarters” rules

8 WW2 skirmish/small actions for the free rules set “Final Round” which is also available on this site.

7 WW2 scenarios for Battle Group II rules. An abridged version of the rules is available on the site together with AVI data tables for the scenarios

One medieval and two SYW campaigns complete with maps, rules and a bundle of free  software to generate leader traits, siege resolution, scouting, creating your own flags and table design. Click on SYW Heldenberg...2008 Shieldwal...2007 SYW Bavarian... in the left hand index to access the campaigns and “software” for the other goodies

8 medieval skirmish scenarios, two on the home page and a pdf booklet with a further six for Knights and Knaves in the “downloads” section. Also included are all of the rules together with simple naval combat and skirmish level campaign rules.

3 DBM 1 Newbury Fast play Napoleonic and 1 Rapid Fire scenario.
All very well presented scenarios from the Dortmund Amateur Wargamers spoilt slightly bay all the annoying pop up advertising on the web pages - I’m sure it’s not their fault.          

2 ancient 7 Napoleonic, 6 WW2 (crossfire) and 3 Fictitious scenarios from the “Nap Nuts of Singapore” web site.

Additionally full maps, rules and resources for a Peninsular war campaign and a Mediterranean ancients campaign from the same wargames group can be found at

64 scenarios for BKC; 4 for CWC and 2 FWC plus several campaigns and a hard drive worth of resources from the official Blitzkrieg commander website. Additionally many of the 218 published  “Battle reports” (including a quite few by NikH) most have full oobs and enough photographs to allow their re-creation

That ought to keep you busy over the weekend  :)

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That ought to keep you busy over the weekend  :)

And over the next twenty-five years.  :o

Man, you are inexhaustible.  =D> :x

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