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Started by Fenton, 09 October 2011, 06:48:37 PM

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Apologies if these have already been requested, but they would be really nice addition to the range in my opinion
If I were creating Pendraken I wouldn't mess about with Romans and  Mongols  I would have started with Centurions , eight o'clock, Day One!


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Most of what you need will be in the existing Ottoman range, nothing much changed till post napolionic wars.

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Ian is more or less correct.
The barded cavalry would be long gone, so out of pack OT-4 the barded horse cavalry would only be fit for generals. But I'm sure if you buy enough packs and sweet-talk them Pendraken would supply only unbarded figures.....

The Djellis were still around, in increasing numbers as the quality of the Sipahis declined. Their uniform may have changed by the 18th century though.

The Akinjis were long gone, but Tarters formed a regular contingent to most Ottoman armies right into 1840s. Even after exile from the Crimea in 1783, 10,000 Tarters appear as part of the Ottoman OOB.

OT9 and OT13 would be the main infantry type, the latter representing Bosnian light infantry that were French trained in the 1730s.
Also the French at that time trained the artillery, so you could have European style field pieces.
You wouldn't have OT10, OT11, OT12, although the 3 Guard Janissary Ortas still had bows in their armoury, (alongside matchlocks) so you could make use of OT10.

The only items missing are:
1) Sipahi Oglan guard heavy cavalry (relevant from 16th Century to 1820s), lance, some shielded, armour under their cloaks, no firearms, helmet+ turban or later plain turban
2) Suvarileri line heavy cavalry (relevant from 16th Century to 1820s)
both the above look the same in cut of clothing, just different colours.
3) Albanian/Greek infantry - in classic sleeveless waistcoat, kilt, skull cap, matchlock, pistols, swords
4) Anatolian infantry - sleeveless waistcoat, baggy pants, turban or pecuilar shako with rope turban, matchlock, sword
the latter two both 18th C and Napoleonic
5) Camel guns - the bulk of Ottoman artillery was actually Zembuk camel guns until c1700, although they had disappeared from Turkish armies by the Napoleonic wars (still in the Syrian, Kurdish, Afghan Napoleonic armies though)

If Pendraken had done the French Guard Mamelukes, you could have used a unit of 1000 of them in your Ottoman army, although they should have spears, javelins, blunderbuss, pistols, mace and sword.

I don't know what pack SC7 Madhist turbaned tribesmen has in it, but any firearm and command equipped figures could probably make a Moroccan mercenary Sekhan infantry unit, usually a "brigade" of 2000 of them at any one time.



SYW Ottomans would be very nice, but only if they match my SYW Chesterfield.


I'm up for SYW Turks!  Would look cool!

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