If you like steam trains and Victorian poisons....

Started by sunjester, 27 April 2024, 10:31:15 AM

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...this might be for you. I am giving a couple of talks for the Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway this summer. The ticket price includes a cream tea, served on the 16:00 departure from Chinnor Station, a round trip to Princes Risborough and back, followed by a talk, the whole thing finishing around 18:15.

The CPPR is a heritage railway entirely run by unpaid volunteers. Full information and tickets are available from the CPRR website.

7th July 2024 Poisons for Medicine

1st September 2024 Arsenic: The Victorian Housewife's Friend

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Well done that man =D>  =D>  =D>

More than a tad distant for me unfortunately
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They do sound like they would interesting, particularly as I am a fan of both Holmes and Dickens (and Eliot, Hardy, et. al.)

Compared to PaulR I'm in even in the neighborhood. Still, there is the matter of a small pond in the way. :D

Hope you have every success Sunjester.
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I can highly recommend these talks having heard both presented online during lockdown.

I am also reliably informed that the cream tea is far above standard British rail fare.

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