Last of the Romans.

Started by FierceKitty, 23 May 2024, 10:02:47 AM

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23 May 2024, 10:02:47 AM Last Edit: 23 May 2024, 10:10:30 AM by FierceKitty
You won't believe it, but...

Today, Aetius and the last great Roman army* vs Attila the Hun. I did win.
I must learn not to challenge enemy generals to single combat. It always ends badly.  This is particularly true when I'm leading the Philistines.
Regret, no pix today.

* actually, rather a lot of Visigoths, Franks, Alans, and Burgunds# too....
# they don't count; they joined the Huns in round one.
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Not the last of the last then?
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QuoteYou won't believe it, but.... I did win.

Who are you...and what have you done with Alexander ?
I'll do this later

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Lee is obviously using Alexander's ID.....
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