First Game of When Nightmares Come

Started by sunjester, 13 April 2024, 03:39:54 PM

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Last Hussar came over to join me for a try-out of these new rules. A full batrep, pictures and first thoughts are on the blog

Last Hussar

I liked the action mechanism idea. (Note, what follows on this is last night's game, I don't know if other balance is in the rules.)

Basically the characters get a free move, plus 3 dice; a d10, a d8 and a d6. Those dice can be used for any action, further moves, combat, or another kind of action, such as tapping the Nexus, etc.

The target number is always 4+, hence the d10 is best. This brings choices. 

For instance  - The place you want to search is 2 moves away. You take a free move. Which dice do you use to attempt to make the second move? If you use the d10, that is a 70% chance of moving, but then you have your 2 worst dice to search with. You could go with the d6, which leaves you the 10 and the 8 to search with, but only a 50/50 chance of moving, so you might need those anyway. It's a interesting choice to keep making, adapting to the circumstances.

The time limit of 6 moves also brings choices; how long do you tap the Nexus for? More rewards limits the time you have to shut it down.

I think the biggest problem with these "autopilot bad guys" games is the opposition does become predictable. If you played this too much then each game could become formulaic.
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