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Started by infelix, 01 April 2024, 05:23:16 PM

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Hi, I just joined the forum recently after reading it for a while and thought that I should probably introduce myself. I've been playing miniature games since back in -94, mostly fantasy and sci-fi in 28mm, but I've dabbled in historical games and different scales as well during the years and now I've come the conclusion that I want to expand on that and 10mm looks like a great scale for me.

So far I've settled on two period's that I want to explore, Feudal Japanese and WW2 African theater. I've never played any samurai games before nor do I have much knowledge about it but I'm intrigued by it and I'm going to read up on it. As for WW2, I played Bolt Action for a number of years but have a pretty good, basic knowledge about it.

So now I'm on the quest of finding rules for the Feudal Japanese project that I like and decide on what to order.


Welcome Infelix.

I assume from you name that you are either unlucky and/or not a cat.

Which bit of WWII African theatre are you thinking? There's so much choice. :)

I've done the A9/A10/A13/Matilda bit as France 1940, then jumped to Valentines, Churchills and Shermans in Italy, then Fireflies and Cromwells in Europe in 1944 , but I sort of miss the opportunity for Grants and Crusaders. 

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Welcome inflex. Know nothing about either of your interests but a wide variety of members here that will know a great deal. Our hosts produce such a wide range of figures that almost any interest or period can be satisfied.
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Welcome aboard Infelix, Pendraken has some rather nice 10mm ranges for both WW2 North Africa as well as Japan.

Regarding your question on Feudal Japan, what size of conflict do you wish to create? There are some very good options for skirmish but the options for big battle can be a little bit or miss. One of the issues is that it can be difficult to 1) understand and 2) replicate the nature of feudal Japanese armies.

The author Stephen Turnbull offers a lot of good resources and this website contains very good information: https://tenkafubu608971038.wordpress.com/home/

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!
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I'll do this later

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Welcome on board. Good choices of eras, lots of nice Pendraken figures available. 

For the Western Desert, you probably want to pick an 'era' , at least as a starting point, as there was a lot of change in tanks. 

Early - A9s, A10s, A13s, Matildas - mainly vs Italians
Mid Crusaders, Honeys, Grants
Late - mid with the addition of Shermans, Valentines  

The infantry, guns and soft skins are much more usable across the whole period. 

The Germans had more consistency, with lots of PzIIIs, with more PzIIs early on and more PzIVs later

A good period to do in 10mm with lots of sweeping armour actions. 
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Welcome aboard. Japanese are a good choice; spectacular troops, huge battles, pike, shot, and lancer units, and a number of brilliant generals to live up to. The only downsides are the lack of light cavalry (and how you want them sometimes!) and the extreme rarity of artillery.
Practically, there are many suppliers. The Pendraken range gives almost complete coverage (you might need to beg Leon to find you a few of the old monk musketeers), and you can get interesting variations from AIM (coming back into production), Minifigs, and Irregular Miniatures. I use Mura 6mm buildings and a home-made castle too. Hobbylink is worth checking out, since their railway scenics ranges include a few charming odds and ends for your baggage (I've got a mikoshi and a few sumo wrestlers from them).
Turnbull's books are valuable resources, but be aware that he had a bad habit of cutting and pasting from old books to new; you'll have annoying experiences if you buy them all.
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Quote from: infelix on 01 April 2024, 05:23:16 PMHi, I just joined the forum recently after reading it for a while and thought that I should probably introduce myself...........
I've never got round to formally introducing myself, so it isn't mandatory. Be that as it may, welcome to the forum from Australia, where I'm currently with number 1 son, who is a 40K aficionado.  Not to my taste but I do get it.  I suppose the point is that wargaming is a very catholic pursuit, so good luck with the feudal Japanese.   


Welcome Infelix :-h

I'll follow your Japanese project with interest, it's a period I've so far resisted

As others have said there are a number of sub-periods of the WW2 African theater, even assuming you are talking about North Africa (Egypt-Libya-Tunisia maybe Algeria-Morocco as well). My particular interest is Egypt-Libya December 1940 - February 1941 (Operation Compass), with a Free French diversion to March 1943.
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Good moaning - and welcome on board. Have fun
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The desert era WW2 is always fun, let's not forget the Italians, French and Libyans that were involved, and pile on the requests for Italian Bersaglieri in 10mm.....


Welcome.  Feudal Japan can give you a fascinating range of weapon choices.  The attached picture is from the memorial to the battle of Dannoura in 1185.  Sadly Pendraken don't yet do anchor throwers in their range  ;)

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