And The Winners Are!

Started by Leon, 08 March 2024, 06:00:44 PM

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QuoteCongratulations all. The detail is amazing . I am still convinced that the winners paint 28mm figs and somehow shrink them down to 10mm otherwise they could not possibly get it onto a standard 10 mm figure.
Agreed.   Utterly fantastic all of them.  Well done to all entrants as well as winners.
I voted for the farmyard chickens because I have tried painting those myself and could barely see them.
Now where did I leave the microscope and 1 haired 0000 brush?   


Some amazing painting on display this year, well deserved winners but also staggering runners up. Well done all! 🙂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
2021 Painting Competition - Winner!
2022 Painting Competition - 2 x Runner-Up!


Thank you very mucth to everyone who voted for me, I'm so happy. Thanks Leon for this competition.
2018 Painting Competition - Winner!
2021 Painting Competition - 2 x Winner!
2021 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!
2022 Painting Competition - Winner!
2022 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!
2023 Painting Competition - Winner!
2023 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!
2024 Painting Competition - 3 x Winner!



Thanks for the votes, 2nd place :) what to buy... probs more winged hussars :)
2024 Painting Competition - Runner-Up!


Just to update all of the winners, your prize vouchers have been sent out today and we've updated all of your forum signatures too. - Now home to over 7000 products, including 4500 items for 10mm wargaming, plus MDF bases, Battlescale buildings, I-94 decals, Litko Gaming Aids, Militia Miniatures, Raiden Miniatures 1/285th aircraft, Red Vectors MDF products, Vallejo paints and much, much more!


2024 Painting Competition - 2 x Winner!