Chancellorsville - Altar of Freedom

Started by Deedles, 21 April 2024, 09:20:04 PM

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21 April 2024, 09:20:04 PM Last Edit: 21 April 2024, 09:25:35 PM by Deedles
This weekends game at Pendraken HQ . All 10mm Pendraken . Using Altar of Freedom. An outnumbered Lee sends Jackson on a flank march to surprise Hooker ... would it work


The Union generals held them off - and rather than continue a day. 2 fight Lee bugged out

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What Dave didn't mention was that I started putting out the Union troops in the wrong deployment positions, as I was reading the battlefield from bottom-to-top upside-down  X_X

I tell you, in the Antietam game I miss a ford crossing over Antietam Creek and in this one, I set up my troops in the enemy's deployment zone  [-( You can tell I never went to West Point  ;D
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Would have thought those blunders indicated that you did..... :d  :d
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