6mm Pony Wars commission

Started by Duke Speedy of Leighton, 22 February 2024, 12:25:51 AM

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Duke Speedy of Leighton

Friend asked me to do his Pony Wars kit now that Baccus have taken it over.
Started off with the two bags of Native mounted figures. Over 200 of them!
72 in the first three bases of 24s.

Top view, had fun posing one stand at least

The rules suggest bases of up to 50! I went for breakable multiples such as 24.

Back view

Not the crisp view I was after, but you get the idea.

40 in five lots of 8s

Allowing for flexibility.


48 in fours

Top view

Threes, ten bases making another thirty.

Moving quickly.

Top down

Twos, twelve of - standard size of US troopers, useful as small change for locals!

From above

Back view

Damn, missed one! And one broke off his base, so he's Hollywood loss (insert Wilheim scream here).

Top view

33 ones (two were joined together and counted in the twos.

Cantabrian anyone?

Spinning maelstrom of Souix!

Almost a whole A4 of riders.
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Wow, that looks great. The mass of swirling natives really looks impressive. Very nice job. I've been tempted by that range from Baccus. The Pony Wars rulebook looks tempting too. Maybe I will invest in Plains Wars project one day.
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They look really effective Will. =D>  =D>

pierre the shy

Great work in all those painting updates that you have posted today  :-bd

Looks like your daughter has inherited your painting skill too...those models she has done are very good.
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Those look really cool!  8)

Love the first few photo's bases and miniatures - they, especially, look great.

Will there be a herd of thousands of buffalo, painted next?  :D 
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Inspirational stuff!

I backed the rulebook eons ago and only recently got around to buying all the required figures from Baccus - a daunting pile of lead...
My wife has stepped up and said she will paint them all! Her first foray into 6mm after only previously painting figures for D&D (28mm).

Cant wait to see your take on the US cavalry.
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