Returning to Napoleonics and 1806 Jena

Started by Count Belisarius, 14 November 2023, 12:38:29 PM

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Count Belisarius


After a long break I'm finally returning to a long abandoned 10mm 1806/Jena Project using DBN. Now I'm not a major Napoleonic gamer hence requesting info here. As at the time Pendraken didn't do suitable figures I used Lancer for my Prussian and French foot along with a few Magister Militum and MM for Prussian cavalry as I'm not a fan of the Lancer ones.

Since then Pendraken ranges have now expanded (e.g.1809 and Rev War) and Magister ranges are currently AWOL. So I'm looking for suitable proxies for the period.

I think I can use 1809 Saxons for the 1806 Saxons in bicorne. Any minor differences fine in 10mm.

Are there any suitable figures in other Pendraken ranges that I could use for 1806 Prussian and French foot (eg. any Spanish? Or Hesse Damstadt?)

And what are options for French cavalry and other French foot units/guards? I know it was a period of transition so hoping some of the Rev War/1809 would work and may even be options for some of the French in White with bicornes...

Any advice/comments most gratefully received. And with Battleground approaching I'm hoping to get a little order in.




Personally I don't think there are any proxies suitable for 1806 in the ranges for the infantry, although the cavalry may be ok.


Most of the French cavalry should be fine as is (ish).
French fusiliers can be proxied by Hesse Darmstadt, grenadiers by French but you run into problems with voltigeur (no epaulettes on the Hessians).
Similarly French Légère in side-plumed shako are an issue.

1809 Saxons should be fine for 1806 - 1809 being a transition year they lean to the early style with side packs, whilst the Hessians lean later with proper backpacks.

Prussians you run into all kinds of issues with, if you're happy using Saxons as line, you might get away with Wurttemberg light and jager as fusiliers and jager.
The cavalry I think will be a struggle

Count Belisarius

Cheers for the info.

I've ordered some French cavalry and some of the Saxons. Enough to expand the project and keep me going.

Duke Speedy of Leighton

Completely random, but as I was painting some tonight, AWI French fusiliers marching could pass as Prussian Fusiliers?
The coat tails might be a little short, but I'm sure you could get away with it. Also, a fair few in each pack where a small mitre/forage cap, you might have to check whether the Prussians ever did?
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Count Belisarius

I'll have a look. I've put a small order in for collection next week so will have a chat with Leon..


Quote from: Lord Speedy of Leighton on 17 November 2023, 10:47:06 PM... Also, a fair few in each pack where a small mitre/forage cap, you might have to check whether the Prussians ever did?

You could of course ask for just the other 3 in your order :)
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I spend way too much time flipping through the catalog and thinking about paint proxies, and at some point I do want to do J/A.  I will definitely have no problem using my 1809 Saxons.  For Prussians, last I thought about it I figured I would use the Saxon figures.

Based on this, at 10mm the differences are paint for the most part.  Even the cavalry are the closest unless I am missing something right under my nose. The red faced Curassier are identical to Saxon LeibCuraissersGarde. I also love the Saxon models anyway, so it is an excuse to get more.

That said, the period is bottom of my priority list and really my understanding doesn't go far beyond that paint guide. 

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