10mm Christmas Diorama Set released

Started by Leon, 23 December 2023, 06:48:53 PM

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Will we be seeing a Caganer miniaturised in 10mm, in the future? I'll let you all do your own research  <:-P  [Warning. If you do an Internet search, best wait till you ca do it in private lest you get strange looks from people who can see your monitor screen.]
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All Hail the Principality of Monacorra!  8-}

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Okay,that one I didn't know
Must be based round the school nativity...
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 ;D  ;D
can we have a pack of them with longbows on the back please for the Agincourt army?

Happy New Year Projects everyone


Well, I see them around Runcorn all the time. Not just at Christmas.   :)

Didn't know that was what they were called. 
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